Do You Want to Be a Fortnite Pro?

Well, of course you do.

The real question is — how do you become one?

Today you can make a lot of money playing video games, but only if you're the best you can be. And only a very select few ever get to that level.

You see, some gamers invest thousands of hours into playing video games and the time is wasted because they aren't improving. Not because they're not good enough.

The real reason is they aren't practicing what they should be.

Here's where I come in.

I'm Kr4m and I've been playing video games competitively for more than 13 years. And I know how I can help you get better at Fortnite because I know what you need to be doing to improve.

You see, I have a skill for being able to break complex things down and explain them in simple and understandable ways. Games can be complex in general and Fortnite is particularly complex. So I love talking about it and it's why coaching is what I do best.

I do it because I enjoy it and it makes me very happy to see someone achieve their goals as a result of the help I give them.

Here's What You Need To Know

For just $49 I will be your personal Fortnite coach for 1 hour.

Before our session, we'll arrange a time for a your free 15 minute consultation where we will discuss where you are right now, what your goals are and what you are hoping to achieve from our time together.

If at the end of our conversion, you decide this is not right for you or that we’re not a good fit, then that’s no problem.

You won't get any pressure from me of any kind, ever. Because I believe in treating people how I would like to be treated.

So the worst situation is that you've spend some time talking to me and received some free advice for how to improve at Fortnite.

But I get a lot of visitors to this website and I'm just one person.

So it's important you act now if you're serious about taking your skills to the next level.

Do This Now

You'll see a very simple form that asks for your name and email. This lets me know that you are ready to do this.

There's also an optional "about you" section where I suggest you write down something specific you want to improve on so we can discuss it in our call.

You can also tell me things like your Fortnite username and platform (PC, PS4, Xbox, etc.) because it will enable me to help you faster.

Once you've submitted the form, I will get in touch with you as soon as I can to arrange a time for your free coaching consultation.