Playing the cata long strafes map in Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer

A Complete Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer Guide for Godlike Aim

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Why use an aim trainer?

Before aim trainers were a thing, you were reliant on playing your game to improve your aim.

But this isn’t ideal because in many shooters there is a lot of time where you aren’t really playing.

This is known as “downtime”. Take Fortnite, for example.

As you know, Fortnite is a Battle Royale. And you spend a lot of your time running around looting, farming for material and waiting in the lobby in between games.

So aren’t spending much time having fights with enemies and practicing your aim. And when you aren’t practicing, you aren’t improving.

Aim trainers are a solution to the problem of downtime and enable you to have an efficient practice session.

Therefore, by regularly using an aim trainer, it’s possible to get your aim to a high level in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

Why Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer?

Kovaak’s is just one of many aim trainers that are available.

Some aim trainers are even free and can be played straight from your browser, such as AimBooster.

But the problem with some aim trainers, and in particular AimBooster, is that it’s played in a 2D space.

As you know, video games such as Fortnite aren’t played in a 2D space. They are played in 3D. This creates a very different experience and means 2D aim trainers aren’t very useful.

There are, of course, other 3D aim trainers. However, I think Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer is the best.

Because Kovaak’s offers a lot of customization. So you can get the game to look and feel how you want. You can even create your own scenarios or build your own maps.

Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer Bounce 180 cobblestone walls and grass floor

Kovaak’s runs very smoothly and you can get high frames per second when playing. This creates an overall good experience.

There are over 1,000 scenarios for training your aim in different ways. But the problem with so many scenarios is that players can get overwhelmed and don’t know what to play.

As a result, they waste time playing useless scenarios. They might be fun, but do not serve to actually improve the player’s aim.

I will be showing you what I think are the most useful scenarios for each level of ability.

As well as the routine I followed to dramatically improve my aim in a short amount of time.

Does that sound good?

By the way, because my main game is Fortnite and this website is centered around Fortnite, this guide is mostly arranged to be about Fortnite.

However, many of the principals remain the same across other shooters. So even if you play a game like Overwatch, you will still learn from reading this guide.

How to set up Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer

When you open Kovaak’s, the first thing you want to do is set up your sensitivity.

You should use the same sensitivity in Kovaak’s as you do in Fortnite (or whatever game you play).

Here’s how you change your sensitivity in Kovaak’s:

  1. Press your Escape key to open the main menu
  2. Click Game Options
  3. In the Main Options, you are looking for Sensitivity Scale
  4. Select your game from the dropdown menu

For Fortnite, you are looking for Fortnite Slider and then enter the horizontal sensitivity that you use in-game.

If your horizontal and vertical sensitivities are the same, you can check the box that says “Vertical Sensitivity locked to Horizontal”

However, if your vertical sensitivity is different, you will need to uncheck the box. Then, enter your vertical sensitivity.

You could use a different sensitivity in Kovaak’s to get a better score depending on the scenario.

In general, I recommend you keep your sensitivity the same for each scenario. But you will learn how to train your aim by using a different sensitivity in a later section.

For now, though, let’s continue with setting up Kovaak’s. OK?

Next, go to FOV Measurement and there will be another dropdown list. Select Fortnite and now your FOV (field of view) will be locked to 80, which is the same as it is in Fortnite.

You can set your max FPS to the highest possible (300), or match it to the refresh rate of your monitor.

I like to have the other settings, such as health bars and info bars and so on, turned off to minimize distractions. But you are welcome to choose what you like best.

Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer game options for Fortnite

Other settings

Now that you have the main and important settings configured, it’s a personal preference for the other options.

Here is what I use, as well as the reasoning behind it.

For your Weapon Options, you have a lot of choices. First, I recommend you hide your weapon because it can get in the way of the targets and hurt your performance.

You can also customize your crosshair. In general, I recommend that you set up Kovaak’s to be as similar as possible to the game you play.

For example, you could use a crosshair that’s the same as the one in Fortnite. But I prefer to use a white dot because it’s clear and doesn’t get in the way.

Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer weapon options

If you use a stretched resolution then you will need to set your resolution in the Video tab in Kovaak’s. Otherwise, leave it as the default 1920×1080.

For Visuals, you have a lot of options. For example, you could get the map to look like bricks, cobblestone, metal, grass and so on.

But I’m boring and prefer to use a Pure Color for the walls and floors. I like a dark background color so it’s easy on the eyes. And it allows the targets and my crosshairs to clearly stand out.

You can also change the colors of the enemy targets. Blue, red and orange are my favorites because they are vivid. Just make sure to choose something that contrasts with your crosshair color and the background.

Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer visual options

Now, you can enable a lot of useful things in the UI (User Interface) such as your weapon stats and the time you have remaining.

However, I have everything disabled except for FPS.

My reason for this is because I found myself looking at the clock to see how long I had remaining. Or looking at my stats to see how well I was doing.

As a result, I would get distracted and play worse instead of focusing on the game.

So, now I have every distraction possible minimized to fully concentrate on playing Kovaak’s and improving my aim.

Of course, you can choose whatever settings you desire. Feel free to experiment and find what’s most pleasing and works best for you.

Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer UI options

The different types of aiming

Aiming is a complicated subject with many types and sub-types of aiming.

And everyone has a different way of aiming.

But, for the purposes of simplicity, we will split aim into the two main types:

  1. Tracking — your ability to follow a moving target with your crosshair when using an automatic weapon. You want your tracking to be as smooth as possible, with no awkward of jagged movements.
  2. Flicking — your ability to quickly move (or “flick) your crosshair onto a target once it has entered your screen. You are not only training the accuracy of your flick, but also the proper timing as soon as your crosshair is over the target.

Therefore, the routines that follow will be evenly split between tracking scenarios and flicking scenarios. So that you can get the most complete training possible.

Of course, if you value one type of aiming more than the other, then you can arrange the routine according to your goals.

But I recommend you train both. Because most modern shooters require you to be proficient with all types of aiming.

For example, Fortnite has many different weapons. So you need to be able to track with an assault rifle or submachine gun and also flick with a shotgun.

Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer routine

In the next section, you will find the routines and they are split by ability.

Here are some guidelines if you are confused about where to start:

  • Beginner — you are new to playing shooters on PC or have been playing for less than 6 months
  • Novice — you are familiar with playing shooters and have played regularly for about a year
  • Intermediate — you are an above-average player that has been playing shooters for more than 2 years
  • Advanced — you are a veteran that has played shooters for more than 5 years

If you’re still not sure where to start, I suggest you follow the beginner routine.

There is nothing wrong with starting with a routine that’s easier than your current level. Because you will quickly adapt and can move on to the next one.

But there is a lot wrong with starting at a routine that’s more advanced than your current level. Because the scenarios will be too difficult and you will not get the full benefit. Moreover, you could get frustrated and give up.

So it’s important that you are honest about your current ability. Remember, it doesn’t matter where you are now, only where you are going.

Beginner Kovaak’s routine

If you are a truly a beginner, be thankful.

Because you can expect to make the most progress in this time and it is not unusual to see improvements in your scores day on day.

  • Close Long Strafes Invincible (10 minutes). A classic tracking routine.
  • 1wall6targets TE (10 minutes). A simple flicking scenario to set you up for more difficult ones.
  • FuglaaXYLongStrafes (10 minutes). An excellent tracking scenario that includes some verticality.
  • Tile Frenzy – Strafing – 01 (10 minutes). More useful than the standard tile frenzy because the targets are moving.
Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer 1wall6targets TE

You can consider yourself a novice player and move onto the next routine after following this routine daily for 12 weeks.

Alternate scenarios that are good for your ability:

  • Vertical Long Strafes
  • 1wall 1target
  • Cata IC Long Strafes
  • Tile Frenzy 180
  • Ascended Tracking v3

Novice Kovaak’s routine

Here the scenarios are slightly more difficult and your progress will be slower.

But you can expect to see progress every few days or weeks.

  • Thin Aiming Long Invincible (10 minutes). Try to keep your mouse movements as smooth as possible.
  • 1wall 6targets small (10 minutes). Smaller targets to train your precision.
  • Vertical Long Strafes (10 minutes). A great scenario for isolating vertical tracking
  • Tile Frenzy 180 (10 minutes). Perfect for training your wide-angle flicks
Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer Thin Aiming Long Invincible

You can consider yourself an intermediate player and move onto the next routine after following this routine daily for 12 weeks.

Alternate scenarios that are good for your ability:

  • Close Long Strafes Invincible
  • 1Wall 6Targets TE
  • FuglaaXYShortStrafes
  • Tile Frenzy 180 Strafing
  • Ascended Tracking v3

Intermediate Kovaak’s routine

Your progress will be a lot slower now and it will likely take several weeks before you see improvements in your scores.

However, you should notice your mouse control is a lot better and your movements are much more smooth.

  • FuglaaXYShortstrafes (10 minutes). A tricky tracking scenario which trains your vertical movements.
  • 1Wall9000Targets (10 minutes). Do not pick your mouse up to reset it.
  • Close Fast Strafes Invincible (10 minutes). A much more difficult version of the beginner scenario.
  • Tile Frenzy 180 Strafing (10 minutes). Better but more difficult than the novice scenario because the targets are moving.
Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer 1wall9000targets

You can consider yourself an advanced player and move onto the next routine after following this routine daily for 6 months.

Alternate scenarios that are good for your ability:

  • RexStrafesCata
  • 1wall 6targets small
  • Thin Aiming Long Invincible
  • Bounce 180

Advanced Kovaak’s routine

At this point, your aim will be in the top 1% and you should be very high up on the leaderboards for several scenarios.

You should have a good understanding of what scenarios are best, but here are some good ones.

  • Air (2 or 3 complete runs). The famous and very difficult tracking scenario.
  • POPCORN (10 minutes). Another famous scenario which will test your ability to click heads.
  • Vertical Fast Strafes (10 minutes). This will really train the speed and accuracy of your vertical tracking.
  • 1wall5targets_pasu (10 minutes). A much more advanced version of the “1wall” scenarios.
Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer POPCORN

You could also compete in the weekly tournaments for an added challenge.

Alternate scenarios that are good for your ability:

  • Ground Plaza
  • Pressure Aiming – 7 targets
  • Close Fast Strafes Invincible
  • McCoy 1v1

Speed training

Here is something I saw recommended on Twitter and decided to give it a go: Speed training using Kovaak’s.

How do you train your speed?

Basically, what you need to do is lower your sensitivity, so you have to move your arm more.

Take your current sensitivity and divide it by 4. For example, my Fortnite sensitivity is 0.08 so my new sensitivity for speed training is 0.02.

Alternatively, if you use cm/360 for calculating your sensitivity, then you would multiply your sensitivity by 4.

Of course, if you already use a very low sensitivity (say 0.05 in Fortnite or a 40cm/360) then reducing it by a factor of 4 could be too low and impossible to play. If this is you, then divide your sensitivity by 3 instead.

Now all you need to do is play a scenario like Tile Frenzy with your new sensitivity.

At first, you will feel slow. But you will quickly develop the speed.

I think this is an excellent way to train, particularly for Fortnite players. Because it will train your arm to make big movements very fast.

Scoring, leaderboards and measuring progress

For each scenario in Kovaak’s, you get the choice of Free Play or Challenge.

Free Play lets you play as long as you want with no scoring.

But I recommend you play the Challenge mode, this way each scenario lasts for a minute. And at the end, you are given a score and are placed on the leaderboard for that particular scenario.

Also, I don’t recommend you try to artificially boost your accuracy and score in a tracking game. Because that can make your scores unreliable. So, hold the mouse down at all times.

Your scores are useful for measuring your progress. And you may find it helpful to write down your best scores each week in a spreadsheet so that you have a written record to refer to.

Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer 1wall9000targets high scores

The reason for writing down your scores is for you to have some indication of your progress. This should help you stay motivated to continue playing daily.

Note that it is not uncommon to go many days or weeks without seeing an improvement in score. This is known as a plateau and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The worst thing you could do is stop playing. Because as long as you stick with the routines, you will be progressing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not reflected in your scores. You are still training and you should notice it in the improvement of your mouse control.

Kovaak’s Benchmarks

Here I want to give you some benchmark scores that you can use to measure your progress and hopefully motivate you to continue improving.

I will be using a Bronze to Grandmaster tier system like many popular games use that you should find familiar.

There are benchmarks for a total of 6 scenarios and I have chosen 3 tracking and 3 flicking scenarios to give a good balance. These are essential scenarios that all Kovaak’s players should have experience with.

You will need to achieve the required score in at least 3 scenarios to achieve that skill tier.

For example, if you score Gold in 1 scenario, Platinum in 3 scenarios, and Diamond in 2 scenarios, then you are a Platinum level aimer.

You can also use these benchmarks to gauge your relative skill level with a certain aiming style to figure out where your weakpoints are.

For example, if you achieve Diamond scores in flicking scenarios but Platinum scores in tracking scenarios, then you have a weakness in your tracking aim and you should look to address that.


If you achieve scores less than the benchmarks listed here, then you are a Bronze level aimer.

  • 1wall6targets small: Score less than 500
  • Close Long Strafes Invincible: Score less than 7500
  • Tile Frenzy 180: Score less than 85
  • Vertical Long Strafes: Score less than 8500
  • Bounce 180: Score less than 20
  • FuglaaXYLongStrafes: Score less than 250


If you achieve scores greater than the benchmarks here, then you are a Silver level aimer.

  • 1wall6targets small: Score 600+
  • Close Long Strafes Invincible: Score 9000+
  • Tile Frenzy 180: Score 100+
  • Vertical Long Strafes: Score 10000+
  • Bounce 180: Score 30+
  • FuglaaXYLongStrafes: Score 300+


If you achieve scores greater than the benchmarks here, then you are a Gold level aimer.

  • 1wall6targets small: Score 700+
  • Close Long Strafes Invincible: Score 10500+
  • Tile Frenzy 180: Score 120+
  • Vertical Long Strafes: Score 12500+
  • Bounce 180: Score 40+
  • FuglaaXYLongStrafes: Score 375+


If you achieve scores greater than the benchmarks here, then you are a Platinum level aimer.

  • 1wall6targets small: Score 900+
  • Close Long Strafes Invincible: Score 13000+
  • Tile Frenzy 180: Score 135+
  • Vertical Long Strafes: Score 14000+
  • Bounce 180: Score 55+
  • FuglaaXYLongStrafes: Score 425+


If you achieve scores greater than the benchmarks here, then you are a Diamond level aimer.

  • 1wall6targets small: Score 1000+
  • Close Long Strafes Invincible: Score 14500+
  • Tile Frenzy 180: Score 150+
  • Vertical Long Strafes: Score 15000+
  • Bounce 180: Score 70+
  • FuglaaXYLongStrafes: Score 450+


If you achieve scores greater than the benchmarks here, then you are a Master level aimer.

  • 1wall6targets small: Score 1100+
  • Close Long Strafes Invincible: Score 16000+
  • Tile Frenzy 180: Score 170+
  • Vertical Long Strafes: Score 16000+
  • Bounce 180: Score 85+
  • FuglaaXYLongStrafes: Score 475+


If you achieve scores greater than the benchmarks here, then you are a Grandmaster level aimer.

  • 1wall6targets small: Score 1200+
  • Close Long Strafes Invincible: Score 17500+
  • Tile Frenzy 180: Score 190+
  • Vertical Long Strafes: Score 17000+
  • Bounce 180: Score 100+
  • FuglaaXYLongStrafes: Score 500+

How often should you follow the routines?

I have suggested that you play each scenario for 10 minutes.

But I haven’t told you how often to do the routines.

And the answer to that is every day. Or, at least, as often as you can.

You see, there is a big difference between practicing for just 10 minutes a day and not practicing at all. Moreover, I think that consistent daily practice is more valuable than an inconsistent weekly practice.

In other words, practicing 20 minutes every day is much better than practicing for 2 hours on one day of the week.

Of course, the 10 minutes for each scenario is a blanket recommendation. You are welcome to spend longer if you want.

But be careful not to overdo your training. Because training for many hours each day can actually be unproductive. I wouldn’t recommend spending more than 2 or 3 hours a day playing Kovaak’s.

You could burn yourself out or get injured. Some scenarios will really work out your mouse arm. Therefore, it’s not unusual to notice some fatigue.

This is because you are training many small muscles that have not been developed before. However, if you experience any pain or discomfort, then I suggest you immediately stop and take some time off to recover.

Be sure to take care of yourself, too. That means sleeping well and living a generally healthy lifestyle because that will allow you to get the best progress.

Help! My aim got worse from playing Kovaak’s

I have heard some players say their aiming skills actually decreased from playing Kovaak’s.

If this is you then let me assure you this is not true and your aim really did not get worse. In fact, it’s impossible for your aim to get worse from playing Kovaak’s.

But it is entirely impossible you could feel your aim has got worse. Let me explain.

Assuming you have never played an aim trainer before, then you will not have paid very close attention to your aim. And you probably didn’t realize just how bad your aim was.

You see, playing Kovaak’s could have drawn you to the realization your aim was not as good as you thought it was. So you think your aim has got worse.

But it hasn’t. Only your perception has changed.

However, your aiming skills could temporarily decrease from playing Kovaak’s too much. This is called overtraining and is common in athletes.

Of course, it can happen to gamers, too.

The solution? Take some time off.

Let your hands and arm and brain recover. And when you return your aiming skills will be good again.

What Kovaak’s Aim Trainer will not do for you

Now that you know what scenarios to practice, I hope you are ready to begin your training.

However, I think it is important that you understand the limitations of Kovaak’s. So that you can have realistic expectations.

As you know, Kovaak’s is an aim trainer. Therefore, it is limited to improving your aim only.

  • You will be standing still in each of the scenarios, to perfectly isolate your aim. So Kovaak’s will not improve your movements or the ability of your keyboard hand in general
  • Fortnite is a game that rewards building, editing, and positioning which Kovaak’s will not help with. Nor will it help you get further in your Battle Pass
  • You will not improve at the psychological elements of your game, for example, the sounds
  • Since you are in a controlled environment playing against bots, Kovaak’s will not improve your game sense. That is, the ability to take in and comprehend all that is happening
  • Kovaak’s will not improve your general understanding or knowledge of your game. For example, the map or weapons

I know that sounds like a lot of negatives. But it should not discourage you from playing Kovaak’s.

Instead, you want to balance your Kovaak’s training with playing your usual game.

Unless, of course, your goal is simply to become amazing at Kovaak’s (I don’t think this is a bad thing, either).


Kovaak’s enables you to isolate a specific part of your gameplay for training and improvement. That is, your aiming ability.

With the minimal downtime and lack of frustration of losing because you’re playing against bots, it’s a very useful tool.

Of course, it’s not without its limitations. And, as you know, it won’t help you get good at many things associated with your particular game.

But when you play Kovaak’s regularly and follow the routine, your aim will improve. And your chances of winning increase when your aim is better than your opponents.

Moreover, aiming skill is transferable to other games. So even if you are training your aim purely for Fortnite now, it will still be good for other games.

In other words, the time you spend training your aim now will be beneficial for the future.

PS A special thank you to AIMER7 for writing the original (and best) Kovaak’s guide and workout routine and for inspiring this post.


  1. Why is ascended tracking v.3 not on this list. It is great practice for tracking players and hitting shots for mainly horizontal shooting situations.

    1. Author

      Good point, Justin. Ascended tracking is a great scenario for Fortnite players because it has tracking and verticality. I have added it to the alternate scenarios in the beginner and novice routines.

    1. Author

      You can train using either your hipfire (non-ADS) or your ADS sensitivity. I recommend training both for completeness.

  2. How should you balance your sense, because fortnite is a very mechanically demanding game. What I mean is players like BenjyFishy or kquid play on very high sensitivities. I tried playing 11% on 800dpi and it was amazing for my mechanics however for main aim was bad, I have now lowered to 8.5% on 800dpi. It has definitely helped my aim and I’d like to go lower except building and editing goes down quite a bit. I am a competitive player who plays scrims and events all the time and my mechanics need to stay high tier. What are your thoughts?

    1. Author

      You could try reducing your ADS and scope sensitivity in Fortnite to around 30-50%, so even if you use a fairly hip-fire sensitivity you will have more control when aiming. You can also train using your hip-fire and ADS sensitivity in Kovaak’s to improve at using those sensitivities. If you want to get better aim and more control at playing using a higher sensitivity, then start training in Kovaak’s using a higher sensitivity than you normally would. Then as you reduce your sensitivity you will have better control than you did before.

  3. Hello Kr4m, I know you mentioned that if your trying to adjust to a high sensitivity, the best thing to do is try Kovaaks scenarios on a even higher sensitivity, so say I do that, how long would I do that for, would I play 10 mins on a scenario with my normal high sens, then 10 mins on the same scenario with a even higher sens, or would I just play on the even higher sens, if so, for how long, 1 day, 1 week? Please let me know 🙂

    1. Author

      I would suggest training with a higher sensitivity for 10 minutes and then going down to your usual sensitivity. You can do this for as long as you find it beneficial.

    1. Author

      You don’t have to. If you feel you’re progressing fast or you want to challenge yourself more, then feel free to use more advanced scenarios.

  4. Hi. Thank you for this guide! I had a few questions:

    1. I’m curious how you established the tiers/benchmarks (did you use specific percentiles of the data?).
    2. Could you add benchmarks for the other scenarios too (such as the alternate ones)?
    3. I’ve found that I enjoy the alternate scenarios too, so for eg. instead of doing 10min for 4 scenarios (total of 40min), I’ve been doing 5min each for 8 scenarios (total of 40min). Would this impact my growth significantly? Also, I seem to get consistent results within the same day, and improve more on a daily-weekly basis as opposed to within a specific session, so was wondering if say 20min daily would be sufficient for practice.
    5. Why 12 weeks before moving to the next difficulty level? What if I find that I’m a silver or gold aimer for the beginner scenarios listed? Should I still stick to the beginner routine for 12 weeks?



    1. Author

      Hi! You’re welcome. Let me try to answer each of your questions here:

      1. The benchmarks were established by looking at the current leaderboards and working out rough percentiles based on known scores and the median. I also used Sparky benchmarks to help with establishing scores.
      2. I’m looking to overhaul the recommended scenarios. For now, the benchmarks are just for the core scenarios and are good for gauging your relative skill level.
      3. The most important thing for determining your progress is the amount of time you spend training. So 10×4 or 5×8 will really not make much of a difference since they’re both 40 minutes of training. If you find having more variety works for you and motivates you to continue training, then feel free to do more scenarios for less time.
      4. The time it takes you to progress will vary wildly. As you become more advanced, it could take months before you make any meaningful progress. 20 minutes a day is definitely enough, and it’s important that you are focused and fully engaged in that time.
      5. 12 weeks is a good time to start switching things up and challenge yourself with something now. I’ll admit the duration is a bit arbitrary.

      Hope this helps.



      1. What would you recommend for trying to train 1v1 duels inside a box ( simulating a box fight)

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