Fortnite aim training using a creative map

7 Ways to Improve Your Fortnite Aim and Win More Games

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Fortnite is a shooter game.

With a lot of close-quarters fighting with shotguns.

Yes, there is building and editing and positioning and so on you have to learn.

But when your aim is better than your opponents, your chances of winning dramatically increase as a result.

Of course, everyone wants to have amazing aim. And how do you improve your aim?

The answer is simple: You practice.

But if you don’t know what to do to improve, it could take forever.

In this post, you’ll find some helpful tips and tricks to help you improve faster.

Note: Most of these tips are specific to PC players that play with a mouse but you should still improve as a Fortnite player more generally when you read this entire post.

1. Play Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer (PC only)

Kovaaks FPS Aim Trainer

The best way to improve your aim in a short amount of time is by playing Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer.

Sorry console players, but Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer is available on PC.

Kovaak’s is an aim trainer (obviously) and it has over a thousand different scenarios all designed to test and train your aim in different ways.

Kovaak’s is how some of the best Fortnite pro players have amazing aim.

When I started playing Kovaak’s, I noticed a measurable increase in my aiming ability after only a few weeks. And you could experience the same results.

But this can only happen when you play useful scenarios and following a good training program can help.

You see, it’s easy to waste your time and play bad scenarios that waste your time.

Anyway, if you want to start playing Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer, you can buy it on Steam.

2. Keep your crosshairs in the centre of your screen

When you play Fortnite, you spend a lot of your time looting items on the ground.

Therefore, your crosshairs will be looking too far down as a result. And I notice this when I watch a lot of players of all abilities. So there’s a good chance you’re doing it, too.

And what happens when you get into a fight when your crosshairs are looking too far down?

Well, you’re obviously at a disadvantage because your crosshairs aren’t in the best position.

Think about it. The further your crosshairs are away from your enemy the further you have to move them for your crosshairs to be in the right position.

You want to aim your crosshairs in the middle of your enemy because this can help to reduce your bloom in Fortnite.

Also, the further you have to move your crosshairs, the longer it takes to reach the right position. And it’s going to be more difficult to be precise because you have further to travel.

In addition, you might not even see your enemy because you’re too busy looking down. In other words, they could not be on your screen because of where you’re looking.

Now, what would it mean if your crosshairs were always in the right position?

If you’ve ever watched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) pro players, you’ll see they always keep their crosshairs at head level. Even when they are walking around corners.

That means when they run into an enemy it’s a lot easier to get the 1 tap kill.

Good crosshair placement is a useful skill to have. And now that you are aware of the problem, you can take action to fix it.

3. Use a lower sensitivity

In my experience, most PC players use a sensitivity that’s too high for a competitive shooter game (like Fortnite).

Maybe you’ve come from playing a MOBA (like League of Legends, for example) where it’s more common and useful to use a higher mouse DPI and, thus, mouse sensitivity.

But for shooters, in general, you want to use a low sensitivity. Because when you use a low sensitivity there is more surface area for you to move your mouse. Therefore, you are able to be more precise.

Consider this graph that shows the average sensitivity of CSGO players at different skill levels.

CSGO Sensitivity

Do you see what is happening?

There is a direct correlation between players skill and their sensitivity. In other words, as players get more skilled, their sensitivity gets lower.

And this is true for Fortnite, too. Because over 90% of the best Fortnite pro players and streamers use a DPI of either 400 or 800.

Mouse DPI of Fortnite Pro Players and Streamers

Moreover, the most common Fortnite eDPI (your mouse DPI x Fortnite sensitivity) is between 40 and 49.

Of course, Fortnite sensitivity is a detailed subject as there are lots of things to consider like ADS sensitivity and Scope sensitivity and so on. And there is no one sensitivity that will suit everyone.

In addition, there are many amazing players that use a very high sensitivity. Which makes things even more confusing.

But, ultimately, you’ve got to find what works for you.

Do you need help finding your perfect sensitivity? Then check out my Fortnite sensitivity guide here.

4. Play Fortnite creative aim courses

Fortnite aim training creative map

Did you know that players are creating aim courses using Fortnite creative mode?

That you can start playing them right now to practice your aim?

Yep. And all you need is the code for the course and then you can load in and start playing.

Here are some codes for creative aim courses and the name of the creators for you to get started with:

Not sure how to use these codes?

Don’t worry. Just follow these steps:

  1. When in Fortnite Battle Royale select Creative mode
  2. Click Play and then select Launch when prompted to select a server
  3. Find the featured island rift
  4. Press the key to Set Island Code and then enter the code

Of course, you can use Fortnite creative maps for more than just training your aim.

You can use it to practice your building and editing, too.

Now, in general, Fortnite aim courses aren’t as good or efficient as Kovaak’s for aim training. But they’re an excellent free alternative.

5. Use the right equipment for you

This is something that is more applicable for PC players (that use a mouse and keyboard) than console players (who use a controller).

Because console players have to use the default controller that comes with their particular console. Of course, you can buy custom SCUF controllers that have additional paddles.

But controller players have nowhere near the same amount of options as PC players when choosing a gaming mouse.

Getting a mouse that properly fits your hand size (and has all the features you require) is of high importance. Especially if you want your aim to be as good as it could be.

The problem is that there are hundreds of gaming mice to choose from and lots of different manufacturers, too. So, it can get confusing.

Listen. When I bought my first mouse for Fortnite I chose the one that my favorite player was using at the time.

That was Ninja and he was using the Logitech G502. And I thought if I got the exact same mouse then I could be as good as Ninja.

I was wrong.

Not because the Logitech G502 is a bad mouse, either. In fact, it’s a very good mouse. But the real reason was that the Logitech G502 wasn’t the right size for my hands.

When I switched to using a smaller mouse, the Zowie S2, my aim immediately improved.

Do you need help finding the right mouse for your hand size? Check out RocketJumpNinja’s find a mouse guide here.

6. Try playing a different game

CSGO gameplay

In general, the best way to get good at something is to do that thing a lot.

In other words, the best way to get good at Fortnite is to play a lot of Fortnite.

But the problem with Fortnite is that a lot of your playtime isn’t spent in combat.

Let me explain.

When you play Fortnite, you spend most of your time looting items, farming for material or running away from the storm. So, you spend little time actually fighting enemies and training your aim.

Yes, you could (and should) play Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer or Creative courses designed to improve your aim more efficiently.

Or you could play Team Rumble mode in Fortnite. Because in Team Rumble you encounter more enemies and it’s easy to get 20+ kills in a game.

However, the skill level of players in Team Rumble is a lot lower and the flow of the game is a lot different. I think Team Rumble is great for warming up or for completing the Fortnite Battle Pass challenges because you respawn, too.

But how about you try a different game entirely?

Hear me out.

I’ve played a bunch of games at a competitive level. And it’s taken me many months (sometimes years) to get a decent level.

And whenever I’ve hit a plateau and feel like I’m not improving I take a break and play something different. Then, when I return, I’ve somehow gotten better.

How could that be?

Here’s my theory: When you stop playing Fortnite you give yourself a chance to learn and develop. And when you return you begin to see things differently because you don’t have the same biases as before.

Therefore, you identify new ways to improve.

Anyway, here are 2 games I suggest you try:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)
  • Overwatch

Both are amazing first-person shooters. You get to fight players a lot of the time so your aim can improve fast.

Of course, you want to use the same sensitivity for these games as you do for Fortnite. You can use an online sensitivity calculator to convert your sensitivity from different games.

7. Don’t think about it

When your favourite pro player is playing Fortnite do you think they are thinking: “Ok the enemy has jumped and now I’ve got to move my elbow 13 degrees to the right and now I’ve got to build because this is happening and so on”

No. The truth is that pro players aren’t really thinking when they are playing.

Listen. They’ve practiced so much that they’ve managed to automate the processes.

Think about it. When you are walking around you aren’t thinking “Now I place my left leg forward and bend my knee this precise amount and so on”.

You just do it because you’ve trained your body what to do. It’s exactly the same with pro gamers and athletes, too.

Have you heard of “the zone”?

It’s the headspace that pro athletes tap in to.

It’s where time seems to slow down and everything flows naturally and it’s heavenly and it doesn’t feel like you’re playing but you are and then you’ve done things you could never do normally.

But you need to practice the mechanical things first. Practice them so much that they become second nature like walking.

Bonus controller only tip: Learn to use L2/LT spam

PC players might have Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer but controller players have aim assist.

Aim assist, in simple terms, is a mechanism that helps controller players more easily aim at enemies.

You see, it’s harder for controller players to aim because they only have tiny sticks to aim with. Whereas PC players with a mouse have their entire arm to aim with.

Now here’s a little trick you can use to make the most effective use of aim assist in Fortnite. Aim assist works best when you aim down sites (ADS) using the left trigger of your controller.

And then the strength of the aim assist gradually lessens until you are left to do most of the work.

But you can keep aiming in and out on your enemy to continually take advantage of aim assist and land more shots.

Now, this aiming trick may feel unusual at first. And it can take some practice before you get the timing right.

When you can use the L2/LT spam properly though you will find yourself hitting more shots and having aim like some of the best controller players. For example, Nickmercs or Aydan.


As you know, it’s beneficial to have good aim in Fortnite.

Because, ultimately, Fortnite is a shooter game.

I hope you have learned some new ways to train your aim and you now know how to create an efficient practice schedule.

How do you train your aim? Let me know in the comments below!


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