The Best Gaming Mouse for Fortnite in 2020

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Are you looking for the best mouse to help you win at Fortnite?

Your mouse is one of the most important pieces of gaming equipment you’ll own.

So you need to make the right choice if you want to play to your full potential.

You’ve come to the right place. In this post, you’ll find a ranking of the best gaming mice you can get for Fortnite right now, as well as useful information to help you with your decision.

There are options for every type of player and budget. So whether you’re looking for an ambidextrous or ergonomic shape, large or small size, wired, or wireless, there is a mouse for you.

To keep your mouse performing at the highest level, you’ll want to get a mouse pad as well. See here for the top mouse pad picks for Fortnite.

If you’re not happy with your current mouse but can’t afford a new one right now, a new mouse pad can help to improve your situation.

Here are the top gaming mice you can get for Fortnite today.

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is the best mouse that you can get for Fortnite right now.

This mouse is the most popular choice among the best Fortnite players in the world, with over a quarter choosing the Logitech G Pro Wireless over any other mouse.

Notable Fortnite players that use the Logitech G Pro Wireless: ZexRow, Psalm, Nayte, Martoz, Hamlinz, Kinstaar.

The G Pro Wireless uses the latest version of the HERO sensor, which is the highest performing and efficient sensor available. And it weighs just 80 grams, meaning it’s very light, especially for a wireless mouse.

You want a light mouse for Fortnite because you will be doing a lot of large swiping movements when you build. The Logitech G Pro Wireless is 20% under the 100 grams benchmark you want for shooter games like Fortnite.

The shape is ambidextrous so it’s suitable for any grip style. So you can play with it using a palm, fingertips, or claw grip.

And because it has buttons on both sides you can use it even if you’re left-handed.

Here are the measurements of the Logitech G Pro Wireless:

  • Length: 125 mm
  • Width: 63.5 mm
  • Height: 40 mm

So it’s a medium-size mouse and will be an adequate size for most males with average-size hands.

Of course, it’s wireless. And aren’t wireless mice bad for gaming?

No. In the old days wireless mouse were bad for gaming because they had a high response rate. But that’s not the case anymore, at least not with Logitech mice.

You see, the G Pro Wireless uses Logitech’s Lightspeed 2.4 GHz wireless communication format and has a 1000 Hz (1ms) response rate. In other words, any delay is imperceptible and you’re not going to be able to tell that it’s a wireless mouse.

What about battery life?

Obviously, you don’t want to run out of battery power when you’re in the heat of the battle. Because the G Pro Wireless uses the increased efficiency of the HERO sensor it uses 10x less power, enabling a lighter battery and longer battery life.

Also, the G Pro Wireless is compatible with the Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System so you never have to worry about battery life again.

All things considered, the Logitech G Pro Wireless is an exceptional mouse.

>> Click here to view the Logitech G Pro Wireless on Amazon.

2. Finalmouse Air58 Ninja

Finalmouse Air58 Ninja in Cherry Blossom Red

The Finalmouse Air58 Ninja was made in collaboration with arguably the most famous Fortnite player of all time, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

Of course, you already knew that.

But if you thought a mouse made with a gamer would be bad, then you are wrong.

Because Finalmouse absolutely knocked it out the park with this mouse and made a mouse that’s incredibly popular with some of the best Fortnite players, including World Cup winner Bugha.

Notable Fortnite players that use the Finalmouse Air 58 Ninja: Ninja, Bugha, Benjyfishy, Dubs, Cizzorz, Chap, Vivid, Bizzle.

Let’s start by looking at its most remarkable feature, the weight.

The Air58 Ninja gets its name because of how much it weighs: 58 grams. This makes it one of the lightest mice available and was the first mouse to really start pushing the boundaries of how light a mouse could get.

But the question is, is it too light?

And the answer is no. It doesn’t seem like we’ve gotten to the point where a mouse can be too light. At least not yet.

Here are the measurements of the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja:

  • Length: 129 mm
  • Width: 66 mm
  • Height: 40 mm

So the Air58 Ninja is a fairly large mouse with it being noticeably longer than the Logitech G Pro Wireless.

Of course, the Air58 Ninja was designed for Ninja himself. Since Ninja is 6 ft 1 inch in height, we can assume he has fairly large hands.

Finalmouse uses its legendary Phantomcord mouse cable for the Air58 Ninja. This is a soft and flexible cable that’s so good that you won’t need a mouse bungee because it almost feels wireless.

The sensor is the same as the Ultralight Pro and Phantom, which is the best in class.

For the design, the Air58 Ninja is hand-painted with engraved and individualized Haiku Scrolls on ever mouth. In other words, the Haiku and therefore the mouse itself are unique to you.

You can get the Air58 Ninja in two stunning colors: cherry blossom red or cherry blossom blue. Although, Fortnite pro players seem to favor the red variant.

If you have the right side hands for the Air58 Ninja then consider yourself lucky because it’s truly a tremendous mouse.

But it’s quite hard to get ahold of because there’s so much demand for it. So make sure you’re regularly checking for an update in stock.

>> Click here to view the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja on Amazon.

3. Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse

The main rival to the Logitech G Pro Wireless is the recent Razer Viper Ultimate.

For a while, Razer was a bit of a meme in the gaming peripheral circle and was known for creating overpriced products that weren’t the best quality.

But the recent Viper line of mice has shown a dramatic turn in the right direction from the company. They really listened to the community to create an amazing mouse and really shake things up.

Notable Fortnite players that use the Razer Viper Ultimate: Tfue, SypherPK, Mitr0.

The Viper Ultimate is the lightest wireless eSports gaming mouse weighing just 74 grams. The ambidextrous design with buttons on both the left and right side means it’s usable for standard right-hand use and lefties, too.

And the Razer Optical Mouse Switches are rated for 70 million clicks, so it will last you a lifetime.

Here are the measurements of the Razer Viper Ultimate:

  • Length: 126.7 mm
  • Width: 66.2 mm
  • Height: 37.8 mm

Of course, if wireless mice aren’t your thing, Razer also has the standard Viper, which weighs 6 grams less and is available for roughly half the price.

And if the size of the mouse isn’t right for you, then Razer also has a smaller option in the Razer Viper Mini. The Viper Mini weighs just 60 grams so it’s the lightest of the 3 mice.

Here are the measurements of the Razer Viper Mini:

  • Length: 118.3 mm
  • Width: 53.5 mm
  • Height: 38.3 mm

The Viper Mini is almost half the price of the Viper and roughly a third of the price of the Viper Ultimate. So if you go for the Viper Mini then you will be making a significant cost saving.

But Razer decided to go for a lower grade sensor and removed the buttons on the right-hand side of the Viper Mini. So bear this in mind before you get this mouse.

I think that the Viper Ultimate is going to be the top mouse choice for most Fortnite players because the size will appeal to the most amount of people.

Personally, I hope we see a Razer Viper Mini Ultimate soon.

>> Click here to view the Razer Viper Ultimate on Amazon.

4. Finalmouse Ultralight 2

Finalmouse Ultralight 2 gaming mouse

The Finalmouse Ultralight 2 is the latest mouse from Finalmouse.

And they really took it to another level with the Ultralight 2, somehow getting the weight down to just 47 grams. Making it the lightest mouse available right now.

Notable Fortnite players that use the Finalmouse Ultralight 2: Nick Eh 30, Poach, Morgausse, Raider464.

Here are the measurements of the Finalmouse Ultralight 2:

  • Length: 116 mm
  • Width: 59.3 mm
  • Height: 36 mm

Making it the smallest mouse on this list. But because of the raw composite base, you can build over 13,000 different sizes and shape with the proprietary foam solid synthetic infinity skin.

So you can take the dimensions of the Ultralight 2 to anything you desire. As you know, shape is arguably the most important element of a mouse, and with the Ultralight 2 you’re able to actually customize the shape and size in a manner to best benefit your aim potential.

As with Finalmouse mice, the polling rate is limited to 500 Hz. But the difference between 500 Hz and 1000 Hz polling rate is just 1ms, so you’re not going to be able to tell the difference.

Of course, anything from Finalmouse is difficult to get your hands on. So make sure you keep checking to see when this mouse is available.

>> Click here to view the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 on Amazon.

5. Glorious Model O

Glorious Model O Mouse in Matte Black

The Glorious Model O Mouse is from Glorious PC Gaming Race, a company started by PC gamers, for PC gamers. They provide excellent peripherals like mechanical keyboards, mouse pads, and wrist supports.

Now they have entered the gaming mouse market with the Glorious Model O, the world’s lightest RGB gaming mouse.

Here are the measurements of the Glorious Model O:

  • Length: 128 mm
  • Width: 66 mm
  • Height: 37.5 mm

So the size will be compatible with you if you have average-sized hands.

You can think of the Model O as a blend of all the very best gaming mice and this is the result. Glorious really listened to community feedback and made a mouse that we wanted.

The honeycomb shell enables it to get to the lightweight of 67 grams for the matte models and 68 grams for the glossy models.

You can get the Model O in 4 variations: matte black, matte white, glossy black, and glossy white.

For the mouse cable, it uses the Ascended Cord. A proprietary braided cable that is ultra-flexible and lightweight. The Model O comes with premium G-Skate mouse feet which are 100% pure Virgin PTFE.

Of course, if the size isn’t quite right for you, then Glorious also have the Model O Minus, which is a smaller version of the Model O.

Here are the measurements of the Glorious Model O Minus:

  • Length: 120 mm
  • Width: 63 mm
  • Height: 36 mm

So it’s shorter and narrower, which means it will be better if you have small hands.

Both the Model O and Model O Minus use a top 3360 sensor, have zero mouse acceleration, and use a 1000 Hz polling rate.

Overall the Model O and Model O Minus are excellent gaming mice for Fortnite, and they are a reasonable price.

>> Click here to view the Glorious Model O on Amazon.

6. Razer Deathadder V2

Razer DeathAdder v2 Gaming Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder is one of the oldest and most loved eSports gaming mice of all time.

And with the DeathAdder V2, Razer made things even better.

The sensor has been upgraded to the very best 3399, and it now uses Razer’s Optical Switches that have a 70 million click lifespan. And the cable has been upgraded from a standard braided cable to Razer’s speedflex cable.

Noteable Fortnite players that use the Razer DeathAdder V2: CouRage, MonsterDFace, TimTheTatMan, McCreamy.

The DeathAdder V2 is an ergonomic shape mouse.

Here are the measurements of the Razer DeathAdder V2:

  • Length: 127 mm
  • Width: 72.7 mm
  • Height: 42.7 mm

So this is a fairly large mouse, especially in regards to the width and height and you’ll want to have fairly big hands in order to get a good grip of the DeathAdder.

The new lighter form-factor gets the weight down to 82 grams, which is a significant reduction over the original DeathAdder. This makes it arguably the best large gaming mouse for Fortnite right now.

>> Click here to view the Razer DeathAdder V2 on Amazon.

7. Logitech G502 Lightspeed

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 is one of the best selling mice of all time. It also has an interesting history with Fortnite.

You see, the G502 was the mouse Ninja was using from the start. And I’m sure he inspired a lot of people to purchase this mouse, including me. You can check out my review of the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum here.

With the G502 Lightspeed, Logitech has taken everything that made the original great and made it wireless, using the Lightspeed technology that we already know is fantastic.

Notable Fortnite players that use the Logitech G502: Beaks, Camills, Dakotaz, HighDistortion

Here are the measurements of the Logitech G502:

  • Length: 132 mm
  • Width: 75 mm
  • Height: 40 mm

The most noteworthy feature of this mouse is the number of buttons. You see, the G502 has 11 programmable buttons, which is amazing for Fortnite because it means you can bind all your building pieces to the mouse and still have some buttons leftover.

But the G502 is quite heavy. Weighing in at 114 grams means it’s the heaviest on this list.

Some players do prefer a heavy mouse because it can help steady their aim, particularly when they get nervous. So bear this in mind before you completely write-off using a heavier mouse.

For everyday use, the G502 cannot be beaten and the infinite scroll wheel is one of my favorite features from a mouse, ever.

Also, if you’re interested in helping the environment then it’s worth knowing that the G502 Lightspeed is PVC free and has a Plastic Neutral Certification.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a common, low-cost plastic used in tens of thousands of items. When it gets turned into products, it’s almost always combined with chemicals and plasticizers. And these combinations make it bad for people and the planet.

With every purchase you make, Logitech helps fund Plastic Bank programs that help remove ocean-bound plastic from the environment.

>> Click here to view the Logitech G502 Lightspeed on Amazon.

8. Cooler Master MM710

Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse

The Cooler Master MM710 is an ultra-lightweight small form factor mouse with a honeycomb design and ambidextrous shape.

It uses the PixArt PMW3389 sensor, which is top of the range.

The most remarkable feature about the MM710 is that it weighs just 53 grams. That makes it the lightest gaming mouse you can get right now, with the exception of the Ultralight 2.

But, unlike the Ultralight 2, the MM710 is inexpensive. So you get Finalmouse quality and weight for a fraction of the price.

You can read my full review of the Cooler Master MM710 here.

Here are the measurements of the Cooler Master MM710:

  • Length: 116.6 mm
  • Width: 62.6 mm
  • Height: 38.3 mm

Because of the ambidextrous shape and small mouse, the MM710 is best used with a claw or fingertip grip. But you could palm grip it if your hands are small enough.

If you’re looking for an ultralight and small mouse to play Fortnite with, the MM710 could be your perfect choice.

>> Click here to view the Cooler Master MM710 on Amazon.

9. Zowie S Series

Zowie S2 Divina Mouse in Pink

Zowie is known as a company that makes mice with excellent shape. With the Zowie S Series mouse, they took what was great about the FK Series and made it better.

The ambidextrous shape and comfort curves in the S Series mouse means that it fits perfectly in your hands regardless of the grip you use.

Zowie listened to the feedback from the community to create a mouse that is taller but not as long. With an upgraded sensor, bigger buttons, and a lighter overall mouse.

Notable Fortnite players that use the Zowie S Series: 72hrs, Vinny1x, Zayt, Jay.

There are two versions of the Zowie S Series. The S1 and the S2.

The S2 is smaller and lighter and is the most popular version of the S Series with Fortnite pro players.

Here are the measurements of the Zowie S1:

  • Length: 126 mm
  • Width: 62 mm
  • Height: 39 mm
  • Weight: 87 grams

Here are the measurements of the Zowie S2:

  • Length: 122 mm
  • Width: 60 mm
  • Height: 38 mm
  • Weight: 82 grams

The thing that lets the S Series down the most is the cable. It’s a thick, flexible, and smooth rubber cable that’s no problem in a mouse bungee, but not as good as the flexible paracord cables you can get on mice today.

There’s no software with this mouse, either. You just plug it in and play. But you have buttons at the bottom to change the DPI and polling rate.

You have a few options in regards to the style of the S Series. You can get the Divina versions that come in glossy pink and glossy blue. Or you can get the classic matte black.

>> Click here to view the Zowie S Series on Amazon.

10. Logitech G403 Hero

Logitech G403 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G403 is a classic mouse with an excellent shape that gamers love. Logitech recently refreshed the G403 to upgrade it with their famous Hero 16K sensor.

It’s a safe, ergonomic shape with rubber grips on both the left and right sides to give you more control when you play Fortnite.

If you’re into RGB, then you can customize the lighting and animation effects from over 16 million colors using the gaming software. So you can get the colors to be personal to you and match your set up.

Notable Fortnite players that use the Logitech G403: Stretch, Saf, Reverse2k, Marksman, Kyzui, Aspect, ClarityG.

Here are the measurements of the Logitech G403:

  • Length: 124 mm
  • Width: 68 mm
  • Height: 43 mm

So it’s not a very long mouse, but it’s tall and fairly wide. It’s best for gamers that have average length hands and above average width.

It weighs 87 grams, which is acceptable for a mouse of its size. And it’s available for a very affordable price.

>> Click here to view the Logitech G403 on Amazon.

11. Logitech G305

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you’re looking for a small, lightweight, and wireless mouse then the Logitech G305 could be the mouse for you.

This is one of my personal favorite mice and one that I keep coming back to. You can read my full review of the Logitech G305 here.

Notable Fortnite players that use the Logitech G305: NoWonder, RustyMachine, Toose, RizaaR, KP5ive, Tinny.

Here are the measurements of the Logitech G305:

  • Length: 116.6 mm
  • Width: 62.15 mm
  • Height: 38.2 mm

So it’s a short mouse that’s fairly flat and wide. Known in the mouse community as the “egg shape” the G305 uses an ambidextrous design that’s best suited for claw and fingertip grip.

The weight of the G305 is 99 grams, which is quite light for a wireless mouse.

But you can get the weight down to about 89 grams when you use a lithium battery, and down to about 85 grams if you use a lithium battery with an AAA converter.

I highly recommend you use a lithium battery with the G305 because it helps not only to reduce the weight but to create a better weight distribution to improve the feel of the mouse.

The extreme efficiency of the Logitech HERO sensor means you can game for up to 250 hours on just one battery, and potentially even longer when you use a lithium battery.

As you know, the Logitech Lightspeed wireless technology is amazing, so there’s no need to say anything more about it.

The Logitech G305 is available for less than half the price of the Logitech G Pro Wireless, making it a very attractive choice in 2020.

>> Click here to view the Logitech G305 on Amazon.

12. Microsoft Pro Intellimouse

Microsoft Pro Intellimouse

A Microsoft mouse on a list of gaming mice for Fortnite?

Yes. Hear me out.

The Microsoft Pro Intellimouse uses the PixArt 3389 sensor, which is top of the range to give you the best precision when gaming for the smallest flicks or the largest gestures.

It uses a mouse report rate of 1000 reports a second and has an adjustable DPI range of up to 16,000.

Here are the measurements of the Microsoft Pro Intellimouse:

  • Length: 132 mm
  • Width: 69 mm
  • Height: 43 mm

The Microsoft Pro Intellimouse is the longest mouse on this list and it’s wide and tall, too. So it’s best suited for those with large hands that are looking for the largest mouse available for playing Fortnite.

It weighs 100 grams, which is impressive for a mouse of its size and within the reasonable range for playing shooter games like Fortnite. And it’s very well priced.

>> Click here to view the Microsoft Pro Intellimouse on Amazon.

13. Zowie EC Series

BenQ Zowie EC2-B Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Finishing off this list at number 13 (unlucky for some) is the Zowie EC Series mouse.

You know that Zowie is known for making mice with excellent shape. And the EC series is very popular among Counter-Strike players, which are known for their tremendous aim.

The EC series was actually designed for competitive Counter-Strike and Zowie teamed up with pro player Emil Christensen (who has the initials EC, hence the name) to create the mouse.

Of course, the EC series are popular with Fortnite players as well because it’s designed to be used for long hours and to give you the best precision and control when aiming.

Notable Fortnite players that use the Zowie EC Series: Vorwenn, Heart, Highsky, Winter, Criz, DarkzyNL.

Like the Zowie S Series, there are two versions of the EC Series. The EC1 and EC2.

And like the S Series, the EC2 is the smaller and lighter version and is the more popular choice with Fortnite pro players.

Here are the measurements of the Zowie EC1:

  • Length: 128 mm
  • Width: 69 mm
  • Height: 43 mm
  • Weight: 97 grams

Here are the measurements of the Zowie EC2:

  • Length: 120 mm
  • Width: 64 mm
  • Height: 40 mm
  • Weight: 90 grams

The Zowie EC Series come equipped with a 3360 sensor, so you’ll have no problems when tracking with this mouse.

They are an ergonomic shape with excellent balance. For the cable, it’s the classic rubber cable that Zowie mice generally use.

>> Click here to view the Zowie EC Series on Amazon.

How to choose the best mouse for you

A mouse is a personal piece of hardware.

And no one mouse is going to be perfect for everybody because there is no such thing as the perfect mouse.

You see, we are all different. So every mouse has to be different, too.

Different sizes, different shapes, different weights. Every mouse has its own unique set of features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Here are the 4 key factors that you need to consider when choosing a mouse:

  1. Size and Shape — The most important thing is that you get a mouse that fits your hand size and grip style. As a rough guide, you want the length of your mouse to be about 66% of the length of your hand
  2. Sensor — You want the best sensor so that your mouse movements are reliable and responsive. Every mouse so far that you have seen on this last has a top sensor
  3. Weight — Ideally, your mouse should weigh under 100 grams for a fast-paced shooter game like Fortnite and the lighter the better. Because a mouse that’s too heavy can make your arm tired when playing for long hours and could negatively affect your aim
  4. Buttons — You have many keybinds in Fortnite, so you want a mouse that has side buttons to help distribute some of the keybinds. Every mouse on this list has at least 2 side buttons, but you may want a mouse with more

Throughout this post, you have learned about the best gaming mice for Fortnite. But it’s important to not pay too much attention to the actual number in the list.

Because the best mouse for you could be further down the list depending on what you’re looking for. For example, if you have small hands then you’re probably not going to like the Logitech G Pro wireless because it is designed for someone with medium-sized hands.

But every mouse in this list is very good and as long as you choose one that is the the right size (by using the 66% rule above) then you can be confident in your decision.

What is the best gaming mouse for Fortnite?

I think that the Logitech G Pro Wireless is the best mouse for Fortnite as of right now. You know it’s a very good mouse because it’s used by so many of the top Fortnite players.

And it’s designed with direct input from professional eSports players, so it’s made with top tier performance in mind.

Also, it’s wireless and that’s a feature that I really like. Cable drag can be a problem that negatively impacts your aim and you just don’t have that concern with a wireless mouse.

Its main rival is the Razer Viper Ultimate with the major difference being the shape. The Razer Viper Ultimate is slightly wider, not as high, and a little lighter.

Of course, if the size of either of these mice aren’t right for you or if they’re out of your budget, don’t worry. Because you have plenty of other good options to consider.

The Glorious Model O is a much more budget-friendly option that’s a similar size and shape.

If you’re looking for a smaller mouse, the Logitech G305 is an excellent budget choice that’s small, lightweight, and wireless. And the Cooler Master MM710 is a small, ultra-light, and wired option.

If you’re looking for something bigger, you could go with the Razer Deathadder V2 or the Zowie EC1.


  1. I need kinda a smaller mouse for my aim with the AR on Fortnite

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      For a small mouse, I would recommend the Logitech G305 (wireless) or Cooler Master MM710.

  2. i need a low end, fairly large, good gaming mouse around under 10$ in india for fortnite which one would you recommend?

      1. well, gaming mice are not very cheap you know… the model o is the best choice but if you have an extra 20-30 dollars go for the model o wireless…

  3. I have medium hand and use the g502 wired, feels really heavy and definitely too big (I think I play claw grip) would the the ultralight 2 be good?

  4. Use a claw grip and the g502 wired mouse. It feels super heavy, and my hand sits way of the back (tend too claw grip and use wrist). It’s definitely too big. thinking the ultralight 2 or the Logitech GoPro wireless. What are your thoughts

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