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Best Graphics Cards for Fortnite: The Top Picks in 2019

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Graphics cards are expensive.

So you want to get the best value for your money.

After considering more than a dozen graphics cards, my best overall pick for Fortnite is the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super (click here to check the price on Amazon).

  1. Fortnite prefers graphics cards from NVIDIA. Fortnite is built using the Unreal Engine which prefers NVIDIA and that makes them the logical choice.
  2. Excellent performance. The RTX 2060 Super delivers high frames per second (FPS) which is important for a fast-twitch shooter like Fortnite.
  3. Doesn’t break the bank. You don’t need to spend over $1,000 dollars for a great graphics card.

Of course, everyone’s budgets and needs are different. And I’ll go into other graphics cards at different price points in just a moment. But for now, let’s press on with the RTX 2060 Super.

The RTX 2060 Super is an upgraded version of the RTX 2060. With 2176 CUDA cores, a 1650 MHz boost clock and an extra 2GB of VRAM.

It uses the latest NVIDIA Turing Architecture with real-time ray tracing and new AI capabilities.

For streamers, you have a dedicated hardware encoder that is optimized for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). So you can game and stream at the same time in high quality.

What kind of Frames Per Second (FPS) can you expect?

Your graphics card is responsible for taking data from your CPU and then displaying images on your monitor.

The better your graphics card, the more images (or frames) you can see.

You want your graphics card to be able to output a high number of FPS. Because a high FPS can help Fortnite feel smoother and improve your aim and building.

But your FPS depends on a lot of other things. Not just your graphics card.

Namely your Fortnite video settings, resolution, as well as the other parts of your PC. For example, your CPU and RAM can influence your FPS.

Moreover, your FPS changes a lot during the game. Your FPS when standing in an empty open spot will be much higher than when you’re in a busy fight with a lot of building.

With that being said, the below chart shows what kind of FPS you can expect from different graphics cards. Higher is better.

Fortnite Graphics Card Comparison

This is assuming you’re using a something like an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU at 1080p resolution with low settings in-game.

Of course, your results may vary. And you could get more than 300 or 400 FPS with the best graphics card and the best CPU.

Do you need help choosing a CPU for Fortnite? Here I have broken down the top 10 CPU picks in 2019 at each price point to help you make the best decision.

What about the high-end graphics cards?

You could spend over $1,000 on a graphics card.

Because that’s the price of the RTX 2080 Ti.

And that’s the best graphics card for Fortnite right now.

But it’s very overpriced. Fortunately, you have other options.

The better value for money high-end graphics card for Fortnite is the RTX 2080 Super (click here to check the price on Amazon). The Super is roughly 15% slower than the Ti and more than $300 cheaper.

Another very good high-end option is the RTX 2070 Super. Of course, it’s slightly slower than the RTX 2080 Super but the price-performance is better.

Either of these graphics cards will be capable of playing Fortnite at the highest FPS, even when using demanding settings.

How much should you spend on a graphics card?

This depends on your budget.

Your goal when buying PC components should be to get the best performance from your money.

And because your graphics card will be the most expensive component in your PC, it’s going to eat up most of your budget.

Spending around 35-40% of your budget on a graphics card is typical. For example, if your budget is $1,000 then you should be looking to spend $350-$400.

But I suggest you try and stretch your budget to get something better if it’s possible. Let me explain.

Your gaming PC is a big investment. And you want to buy the best parts you can possibly get.

Because you don’t want to be disappointed or feel the need to upgrade in a few months.

So what about the budget options?

Yes, you can spend a lot on a graphics card.

But you can also spend less and get something that’s of better value.

You see, the less you spend, the better value you get.

And the best mid-range graphics card for Fortnite is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (click here to check the price on Amazon).

Of course, you don’t get any ray-tracing capabilities with the GTX 1660 Ti. However, it is a very good card for Fortnite.

If you’re looking for something even cheaper then the best budget graphics card for Fortnite is the AMD Radeon RX 570 (click here to check the price on Amazon).

In terms of price-performance, the RX 570 cannot be beaten. It comes in 4GB and 8GB VRAM variants and both are fine for Fortnite, so get the one that makes the most sense to you.

You could also consider the RX 580. It’s about 10-15% faster than the RX 570 and they can be similar prices depending on when you look.

How to get a good deal on your graphics card

Graphics cards prices can change daily.

And there are sometimes great limited-time deals.

To keep up with the latest deals and discounts check out the BuildAPCSales subreddit

And you can use CamelCamelCamel to help you track the price and see the history. This can help you identify the price trend of a specific item on Amazon.

Of course, you could also buy a GPU used. But there are some things to be aware of if you are considering buying used.

For example, if the GPU was heavily overclocked, then the expected life will be reduced. In other words, your GPU could stop working sooner than expected.

Oftentimes, when buying used, you don’t have any sort of return policy or warranty. So if anything were to go wrong in a few months, you would be left with a broken piece of equipment.

You can, of course, get a great deal when you buy a GPU used. Online markets like eBay and Amazon’s third-party sellers sometimes come with buyer protection.

Online self-moderated forums like HardwareSwap subreddit are generally safe, too.


I hope you have found this guide helpful.

And you now have the knowledge and confidence to get the best GPU for your budget.

You should know that the prices of PC components can change on a daily basis.

So if you’re looking for parts to your PC then it’s always a good idea to check the latest price. Because there could be a sale or a good deal, for example.

Throughout this post, there are links to each product on Amazon so you could check the latest price.

I have not been sponsored by anyone to make this post. But, I am an Amazon Associate. That means I get a small commission at no extra cost to you when you buy anything from clicking one of my links.

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