Fortnite reticle ammo indicator

How to Turn Off Reticle Ammo Indicator in Fortnite

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A new setting in Fortnite is the reticle ammo indicator.

It appears at the bottom right of your crosshair in game.

You may find this annoying or distracting and want to remove it.

Here’s how to turn off the ammo reticle indicator in Fortnite as of Chapter 2:

  1. Open the Fortnite menu by pressing the escape key on your keyboard or start button on your controller
  2. From the dropdown list select Settings
  3. Click the Game UI icon, the third one across that looks like a box with a triangle and some lines
  4. From the list of options turn Reticle Ammo Indicator off
Turning off reticle ammo indicator in Fortnite game UI settings

Previously, you had to be in a game of Fortnite to access these settings. But Epic Games have recently updated it so you can get here even if you’re in the Fortnite menu.

As a quick note, you definitely don’t want to turn off the Reticle setting near the top of the Game UI screen. Because doing this will completely get rid of your crosshair so you don’t know where you’re aiming.

Should you turn the reticle ammo indicator off?

The main advantage of the reticle ammo indicator is that it gives you useful information right in the center of your screen where your eyes are naturally looking.

So the ammo indicator saves you time having to look down at your ammo count way down in the bottom right of your screen next to your inventory and loadout.

Having more information in a fast-paced game like Fortnite is obviously useful. And the amount of ammo you have in your gun is a part of a mental checklist you should be keeping tracking of, especially in hectic endgame situations.

How many times has not having your weapon reloaded stopped you from getting a kill?

In other words, the reticle ammo indicator saves you some of your mental energy having to remember your ammo count because you have it in the middle of your screen. So you can focus on the important parts of the game.

With that being said, I find the reticle ammo indicator distracting and choose to turn it off.

In my opinion, having the ammo indicator so close to my crosshair when I’m aiming takes my attention away from what I’m really trying to focus on.

And I don’t mind having to look down at the ammo count at the bottom of my screen because it’s in my peripheral vision anyway.

I usually reload my gun after firing just one bullet as well.


The reason the reticle ammo indicator was added to the game in the first place was because players were complaining they couldn’t see the ammo count when the HUD was changed at the start of Chapter 2.

So Epic Games are listening to us, even if it’s just the small things. They even gave us the option to turn this setting off if you want to, and you now know how to do that if you want by going into the Game UI settings.

If you find the reticle ammo indicator distracting and that it does more harm than good for you then you should turn it off. But if you think you’re going to get some benefit from it then you can leave it on.

There are other useful settings you can configure in the Game UI settings. For example, you can show your ping in Fortnite and if you have high ping then you will find this guide helpful to lower your ping.

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