3 Rules for High Kill Games in Fortnite Every Game

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How many kills do you get on average in a game of Fortnite?

What is your kill record right now?

Do you want to know how to get 20+ kills in a game?

Listen, pro players get high kill games almost every time. It looks like they have a sixth sense for finding players to kill.

But that’s not really how it is. You see, when you follow these 3 simple rules, you will encounter more enemies than ever before.

Of course, unless you are good enough to kill every player, then you will die. A lot. And that’s ok.

Because dying and making mistakes is how to learn best.

So if you’re tired of having boring games when you finish with single digit kills then read on to learn how to break your personal best.

Rule 1: Land “Hot”

What does landing or dropping “hot” mean?

Landing hot in Fortnite is when you land at a named location on the map that is close to the start of the bus route.

You see, most players jump from the bus early. And the longer you take to jump then the fewer players you are going to encounter.

Also, the further you drop from the general direction of the bus, the fewer players you will encounter, too.

Avoiding players is fine if you are getting used to the game. Or if you are playing merely to get high placement games, for a Battle Pass challenge or what not.

But, if your goal is to improve at Fortnite then you must learn the combat system. And the only way to do that is by getting into a lot of fights.

So, aim for a Point Of Interest (POI) near the bus at the start of the game and you will find the most players from the start of the game. Which is precisely what you need to set up a high kill game from the start.

Rule 2: Pay attention to where other players drop

Before you jump from the bus, or even while you are diving to the ground, take note of the path of the bus.

And try to count how many players are dropping at particular POIs.

Because when you know roughly where players are then this information can help guide your decisions for where to rotate next.

Instead of running around the map with no idea about where to go next.

Listen, most people like to leave things up to chance or blame the “randomness” in Fortnite. While it’s true there is an element of the randomness of Fortnite. That’s, unfortunately, the nature of a Battle Royale.

However, there is certainly a considerable amount of skill involved as well. Do you know what Fortnite Friday is?

It is a duo tournament (that takes place on Friday) where the most popular Fortnite players go against each other. The winners are decided by who has the most overall kills.

Tfue and Cloak (then of FaZe Clan) won it more than 7 times.

If Fortnite was “random” how could they have won so consistently?

It’s because they understood the importance of effective map rotations to find players. And they were only able to accomplish that by noting where players dropped in the first place.

Rule 3: Loot only what you need

How long do you spend looting in a typical game of Fortnite?

We all want the best, most rare guns. And 100 shield, too.

Oh, and don’t forget to spend an extra 10 minutes to farm wood, stone, and metal.

Of course, a strong loadout is essential to winning in Fortnite.

But the sacrifice for all of this is time. You see, when you are a slow looter, then half the lobby has died before you’ve even started!

To get more kills and to encounter more players then you must spend less time looting houses and farming materials.

How do you expect to find any players when you’re only looking for chests?

When you spend your time to only loot the essentials then you will find yourself getting into more fights. And, because you haven’t spent as much time looting, you will be taking fights with a less than ideal inventory.

Maybe you don’t have full shields and you have less than 300 total material. But it’s fine. You see, when you learn to play at an item disadvantage, then you will invariably get better and more confident.

Also, you will learn a greater sense of appreciation for the times where you do have the perfect loadout. Legendary items, full shields and thousands of materials to build with.

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