Why I Hope We See The Return of Fortnite Friday and NICKMERCS on PC

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Can PS4 and Xbox Players Complete With PC Players in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Aydan has been pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible with a controller. If I had not known that he was using a controller then I would have absolutely suspected him of using keyboard & mouse. But it’s important to remember that he did this on a high spec PC and as good as the best consoles are right now; the PS4 pro or the Xbox One X, they are truly incomparable to a high spec PC with a high refresh monitor!

And this is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact that going from 60FPS to 144+FPS is a huge difference, it is noticeably so much smoother and is comparable to that of 30FPS to 60FPS. NICKMERCS has expressed that he may switch to PC and it makes so much sense as he can for sure afford and justify a high end rig. I’m hoping Aydan makes the switch too, this man has proven that controller players can compete with keyboard & mouse if the hardware is even!

Fortnite at PAX West was great, but I miss Fortnite Fridays

I hope we see the return of Epic hosting and Fortnite Fridays (or at least some sort of weekly tournament) with Nick involved, the dude showed himself as a real sportsman and a true competitor this week and I can think of no one more fitting. Also, as entertaining as high-level competitive Fortnite can be to watch, I must confess that watching your favourite pros slay out was one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen and resulted in some of the most intense and enjoyable moments as a viewer.

Even if Epic choose not to go the route of recreating Friday Fortnite, I think some sort of weekly tournament is a must if Fortnite is to retain its popularity and establish itself as a true eSport. It’s a popular misconception to suggest that “Fortnite is Dying” and its simply not true as illustrated in my post analysing the Google Trends Data

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