Aim Agency Routine 1 in Fortnite Creative by Teadoh

The Best Fortnite Creative Maps for Practicing Your Aim

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Do you want to improve your aim in Fortnite?

You know that Fortnite is a shooter game and having good aim is an advantage.

But the problem is that it’s difficult to train your aim by just playing Fortnite.

You see, there’s so much downtime in Fortnite because it’s a Battle Royale. So you spend very little of your time actually fighting with enemies and practicing your aim.

And when you’re not practicing you’re not getting better.

Aim trainers are the solution to the problem of downtime. And I have talked about Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer before as a way for training and improving your aim, and your mouse movement skills in general.

But Kovaak’s has some limitations. For example, it doesn’t use the exact same weapons that are in Fortnite. So you don’t get to train with the bloom of the weapons or the visual and psychological aspects of the game, which is important.

And Kovaak’s doesn’t use the same FOV or perspective as Fortnite because Fortnite is a third-person shooter (TPS) and Kovaak’s uses the first-person perspective (hence the FPS in the name).

Also, Kovaak’s is only available to PC players. Since console players make up a large number of Fortnite’s player base, it’s important that controller players have a useful way to train their aim, too.

That’s why Fortnite Creative aim maps are so good, because they’re available to every player.

Now I’ve played some Fortnite Creative aim maps before. But I didn’t think any of them were particularly amazing. They were just poor knock-offs of simple Kovaak’s scenarios.

But the maps I’m about to show are the best Fortnite Creative maps for training your aim.

Let me show you why.

What makes the maps so good?

So there are actually 2 maps for the 2 different routines.

In my opinion, neither routine is better or worse than the other. They are just different and you should train both routines for an equal amount of time to get the most benefit.

Here are the codes for each routine:

  • Routine 1: 6056-6077-9955
  • Routine 2: 7244-2038-6095

Routine 1 is made up of the following scenarios:

  • Tile Frenzy – This is going to help you with your flick training and target switching on non-moving targets. Try to take down as many targets as quickly and as accurately as possible.
  • Horizontal – For training your tracking skills in the horizontal plane. Stand and try to track the zombie while holding your fire button. If you’re using a mouse, try to avoid lifting and resetting your mouse as much as possible.
  • Vertical – To improve your vertical tracking and target switching in the vertical plane. Attempt to take down the sentries. Again, if you’re using a mouse, try to avoid lifting and resetting it as much as possible.
  • 9 Targets – Improve your first shot accuracy and target switching. This scenario works on your click-timing. Attempt to click only when you’re certain you’re going to hit rather than focussing on pure speed. In other words, try to get as accurate as possible. Perfect practice makes perfect.
  • Slide – A unique training scenario, which will work on your third-person intuition and click timing when using a shotgun while moving. Avoid lifting and resetting your mouse as much as possible.
9 Targets Training in Fortnite Creative Aim Agency Routine 1

Routine 2 is made up of the following scenarios:

  • Bounce – Improve your click-timing and tracking skills by shooting at the bouncing zombies within a 180-degree space in front of you.
  • Horizontal – Improve your close-ranged horizontal tracking while you moving in a figure-8 shape. Avoid lifting and resetting your mouse.
  • Vertical – Improve your vertical tracking. Stand and track the bouncing zombie while holding down your fire button. Attempt to stay on the target and avoid lifting your mouse as much as possible.
  • Fountain – Improve your vertical first shot accuracy and target switching. Try to click only when you’re certain you’re going to hit as opposed to going fast.
  • Parkour – Improve your shotgun aim by moving in strange ways and hitting weird angles. Try to complete the run as fast as possible, and to not fail any of the movements.

You’ll notice that you should avoid lifting and resetting your mouse as much as possible. The reason for this is so that you can learn to play in all areas of your mouse pad because there will be times when you won’t have your mouse in the center position.

If you’re familiar with playing Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer, then you will notice that some of the scenarios in these aim maps are similar. For example, Tile Frenzy, Bounce 180, and Vertical Tracking.

Bounce Training in Fortnite Creative Aim Agency Routine 2

These are classic scenarios that are mandatory for anyone that’s looking to improve their aim.

But what this map does that’s really interesting is use the things that are in Fortnite Creative for training your aim in useful ways. For example, the falling ballers in the Fountain scenario and the bouncing zombies in the Vertical tracking scenario.

Because there is a lot of verticality in Fortnite due to the building, isolating and training your aim in the vertical plane is important.

Vertical Aim Training in Fortnite Creative Aim Agency Routine 2

And the Slide and Parkour scenarios are both amazing because they will help to improve your shotgun aim and general third-person intuition for Fortnite.

You will not play scenarios like this anywhere else, which is why I think these maps are so good.

Slide Training in Fortnite Creative Aim Agency Routine 1

Of course, one of the big problems that Fortnite Creative aim maps have is that there’s no scoring system. So it’s not possible for you to track your progress over time and this can lead to a lack of motivation.

Kovaak’s, on the other hand, has a built-in score system and leaderboard. So you can track how you’re doing against yourself, as well as other top aimers in the world.

But don’t worry because this aim map has a solution.

Recording scores and tracking progress

You see, this Creative aim map was made in collaboration with 3 entities:

  1. NOVOS – a training platform for gamers that want to take their skills to the next level
  2. Aimer7 – a well-known aim coach, certified aim beast, and author of the best guide to Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer (as well as other excellent guides)
  3. Teadoh – a Fortnite content creator with over 100k YouTube subscribers that specializes in making Fortnite Creative maps

The collaboration with NOVOS is so important for the maps because the platform enables you to track your data and progress for each scenario.

NOVOS app in Fortnite

You will also be a part of the NOVOS leaderboard, so you can compare your achievements with other NOVOS users.

The NOVOS platform and stat tracking is only available to PC users.

Of course, you don’t have to install NOVOS to use the aim training map. But PC users will benefit greatly from the ability to track your scores, see your progress, and compare your results with others.

Here’s the guide for how to install NOVOS and use it with Fortnite.

How long should you train for?

The amount of time you should spend training depends on your schedule. So it’s difficult to give general training time recommendations since everyone plays for a different amount of time.

In general, I recommend you train every day because consistent daily practice beats inconsistency.

For most people, training 25 minutes a day should be attainable. This means you would spend 5 minutes playing each scenario on a routine.

Then you could alternate the training of routines on different days. For example, on training day 1 you do routine 1, on day 2 you do routine 2, on day 3 you do routine 1, and so on.

I suggest training each routine equally. But if you have a particular preference for one routine because you feel it has more benefit, then feel free to spend more time on that routine.

Also, you should also spend time training both your ADS (aiming down sites) and hip fire (non-ADS) aim. As you should be using different sensitivity for your ADS this will allow you to practice in that sensitivity and FOV.

Of course, if you want to train your aim for more than 25 minutes a day, you can scale up your practice time accordingly. But pay attention to your focus and mood and avoid overtraining because it can be detrimental to your progression.

And if you’re time-restricted, then just 10 minutes a day of focused practice can really begin to add up as long as you’re consistent and do it daily.

When should you train?

There is really no bad time to train. But I’ve found training before your main games of the day seems to be useful because it allows you to warm-up your aim so you are able to perform at your best.


Practice makes perfect.

And the popularization of aim trainers and comprehensive Fortnite Creative maps like the ones I’ve just shown you have unlocked new ways for you to have an efficient practice session.

When you spend enough time playing these routines you will be able to take your aim to the next level and start hitting more shots.

Of course, there is more to Fortnite than just aiming because you also have building and editing to consider. But having better aim than your opponent is going to dramatically improve your chances of winning.

Also, time spent training your aim now is going to carry on with you to any future shooters that you play beyond Fortnite.

So what are you waiting for? Go and start practicing now.

Here are the codes for the routines again for you:

  • Routine 1: 6056-6077-9955
  • Routine 2: 7244-2038-6095

Finally, I want to let you know that NOVOS has written its own guide to go along with this map. The guide includes a bunch of useful information about aim training in general, like how you can stay motivated and the importance of setting goals. So I recommend you check that out here.

I’m truly impressed by how well thought out these maps are. Each routine allows you to train useful parts of your aim that will have tremendous transferability to your Fortnite gameplay.

Actually, maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised since they were made in collaboration with Aimer7.

What do you think of this map? Are there any scenarios for training your aim that you would like to see?


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