How to Use Double Edit Keybinds to Edit Like Raider464 in Fortnite

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Double edit keybinds were made popular by Raider464.

When he showed off his insanely fast editing speed, many players thought he was cheating by using macros.

But the truth is that Raider464 doesn’t use macros, he uses different editing keybinds from most players to reach inhuman speeds.

Double edit keybinds are when you use two different keys for editing. You use one key to start the edit and a different key to confirm the edit.

By using two keys to edit, you’re able to edit faster.

Of course, double edit keybinds shouldn’t be confused with double movement keybinds.

Why are double edit keybinds faster?

Pressing two keys with different fingers is faster than pressing one key with only one finger.

If you don’t believe me, then try this experiment.

Set a timer for 20 seconds and press the letter F on your keyboard as many times as you can as quickly as possible using only one finger. Then count how many times you were able to press it.

Now, set the timer for 20 seconds again but this time you’re going to alternate between pressing F and G with your index and middle fingers. Then count how many times you were able to press them.

You should find that you were able to press F and G considerably more times than you were able to press just F because you were alternating between two fingers.

This is why when you’re ghost peeking in Fortnite you should crouch using your crouch key and uncrouch using your jump key.

How to set up double edit keybinds

As you know, double edit keybinds function by using one key to start the edit and another key to confirm the edit.

Now you could set up double edit keybinds by using two keys on your keyboard. But most players are going to find this ineffective as it will harm your movement ability.

The solution is to use a key on your keyboard and a side button on your mouse when you use double edit keybinds.

Doing this will enable you to edit using keys from not only different fingers but different hands. So you should be able to start and confirm your edits very fast without negatively impacting your movement.

Next, you need to go into your Fortnite keybinds and set your primary edit to one key (for example, F) and the secondary to the other key (for example, the side mouse button).

Setting up double edit keybinds in Fortnite

A problem that players using double edit keybinds face is in regards to using the scroll wheel as an instant edit reset as you already have primary and secondary keybinds for editing.

The scroll wheel reset edit trick is one of the most useful things to have set up and every Fortnite player using a mouse and keyboard should use it. And not being able to use a scroll wheel reset can be a deal-breaker for players looking to use double edit keybinds.

But you actually can set up double edit keybinds with a scroll wheel reset by using some wizardry.

Let me explain.

How to use scroll wheel reset and double edit keybinds

Using double edit keybinds with a scroll wheel reset is also known as triple edit keybinds, as you will technically have three keybinds assigned to editing.

Triple edit keybinds work like this: you use two keys for editing (as we just set up) and your scroll wheel for resetting the edit.

To set this up you will need to use either your mouse software or your keyboard software to remap some things. Most gaming mice and keyboards come with software today, so I hope that you will be able to follow along with this.

If you’re using your mouse software, you’ll need to change the side mouse button to the keyboard function that you use for editing. So using the previous example, you would map your side mouse button to F.

Changing side mouse button to F using gaming mouse software

If you’re using your keyboard software, you’ll need to change the key that you use for editing and remap it to the mouse button. So using the previous example, you would map F to your side mouse button.

Now you only need to have a single primary keybind set up for editing since the key on your keyboard or the button on your mouse does the same function.

Then you need to set the secondary keybind for your building edit and reset building edit to either scroll wheel down or scroll wheel up like you normally would when setting up scroll wheel reset.

Setting up scroll wheel reset with double edit keybinds

It doesn’t matter which direction you use, but make sure you use the same direction for both.

Should you use double edit keybinds?

Double edit keybinds is the fastest method for editing in Fortnite.

But very few pro players use double edit keybinds and instead stick with using a traditional single edit keybind.

Of course, the ability to edit fast in Fortnite is extremely important, especially as you get to higher levels and when you’re box fighting.

But the tradeoff for using double edit keybinds is that you must give up a good keybind in your thumb mouse button to set it up.

Your side mouse button is an important keybind, and many players will use the side mouse buttons for building pieces to free up the keyboard hand for movement.

For many, sacrificing the side mouse button for double edit keybinds is too much to ask.

Moreover, double edit keybinds have a steep learning curve so it can take you a long time to get good at using them. In the time that you’re learning to use double edit keybinds, you’re going to be worse and slower at editing.

Many players aren’t willing to suffer going through the learning phase again for double edit keybinds.

In my opinion, double edit keybinds aren’t worth using because you can edit fast enough by using a single edit keybind and confirm edit on release as many Fortnite pros have already demonstrated.


You’re not going to be able to edit as fast as Raider464 by merely setting up double edit keybinds.

Look, Raider464 has been grinding Fortnite Creative mode for hundreds (possibly thousands) of hours to practice difficult edits and perfect his technique.

And the reason that Raider464 is able to edit as fast as he does is as a result of his technique and using double edit keybinds enhances his speed.

So if you want to edit faster, then focus on practicing the right things and improving your technique and not looking for cheap tricks because there are no shortcuts to improving your editing skills.

Here are some useful tips and techniques you can use to increase the speed of your editing in Fortnite.

Obviously, doing things like lowering your ping in Fortnite will help to improve your editing because high ping causes a delay, which slows down your editing.

Also, following this guide to increase your Fortnite FPS will make editing easier because high FPS makes animations smoother and reduces input delay.


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