How to Fix Fishing Spots Disappearing Bug in Fortnite Season 4

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A new bug is making fishing spots disappear, even at close range.

The bug has been occurring since the start of Chapter 2 Season 4.

It’s a frustrating bug as it makes finding fish very difficult.

The fishing spots disappearing bug seems to only be affecting PC players that have the effects setting set to low.

You can fix the fishing spots disappearing bug by increasing your effects setting to high.

You could also try increasing your effects setting to medium, but I have found setting effects to high works more reliably.

Setting Fortnite graphics quality effects setting to high to fix fishing spots disappearing bug

As you know, fishing is really important in Season 4 because of all the new fish, and the fact that you can get higher rarity fish easier by shooting the boat rockets at fishing spots.

So it’s crucial that you’re able to clearly see the fishing spots, otherwise, you don’t know where to get fish.

Look, increasing your effects setting is going to change the general appearance of things in Fortnite by adding more detail to certain objects and interactions. It could also reduce your performance and lower your frames per second (FPS) since there’s more stress on your graphics card.

Of course, high FPS is important and can make you better at Fortnite. But I believe that the slight drop in FPS in return for the ability to see fishing spots is definitely worth it, especially when you consider how important fish are in this season.

If you’re concerned about low FPS in Fortnite, then check out this comprehensive guide to increasing your FPS in Fortnite.

Fortnite is aware of the fishing spots disappearing bug and they’ve addressed it on their Trello board. I expect the bug to be fixed soon, and most likely in the next patch.

So raising your effects setting is a temporary solution until a permanent fix is rolled out.

Console players are not having this problem since the settings on consoles are fixed.

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