Do Fortnite Players Need a Mouse Bungee?

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A mouse bungee is used to secure the cable of your mouse.

It helps to prevent the cable from tangling, getting caught on your desk, and to eliminate any drag.

When you use a mouse bungee, you can move your mouse with complete freedom because you have no friction from your cable.

So your mouse movements will become more consistent, and this can help to improve your aim.

The mouse bungee I use and recommend is the Zowie Camade (click here to check the price on Amazon). This is a popular choice among pro gamers and you will see it often at LAN tournaments.

The Zowie Camade has a heavy base and rubber feet so it won’t move when you’re gaming. Its arm extends so you can adjust the height as required, and it has a flexible rubber end which will fit the majority of mouse cables.

Another fine option is the Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2 (click here to check the price on Amazon). This is an improvement to the original as it has a heavier base and uses anti-slip feet.

You can also get a mouse bungee with a USB hub, which can be helpful if you have a lot of USB gadgets that need power.

Because the bungee holds your cable roughly 10cm in the air, it also helps to reduce the overall weight of your mouse.

As you know, weight is an important factor for shooter games like Fortnite, and a lighter mouse is better because they’re easier to move and aim with.

And a mouse bungee is particularly helpful if you use a mouse with a thick and heavy cable as it will reduce even more of the weight.

How to use a mouse bungee

Setting up a mouse bungee is simple.

You just need to place it on your desk, in front of your mouse.

Then insert your mouse cable into the bungee.

You want to leave enough cable so you can comfortably swipe your mouse across the entire area of your mouse pad.

Once your cable is secure, you can then adjust your cable position if you need a little more or a little less.

Who are mouse bungees for?

Believe it or not, the inventor of the mouse bungee wasn’t actually a gamer.

In 1994 Ed Larkin tried to introduce the solution to the business world by creating a mouse pad with a bungee attached.

But it was a flop.

So the project was sold to Razer in 2010 who then ran away with the idea and started marketing it to gamers. Since then, many other companies are offering their own products.

Today the mouse bungee still remains a niche product with its target market being hardcore gamers that are looking for a solution to the problem of cable drag and to improve their aim when gaming.

Of course, you don’t need to be a hardcore play to get a mouse bungee.

And even casual players and office workers can benefit from one.

In particular, Fortnite players could benefit a lot from a mouse bungee. And the reason for this is because you move your mouse around a lot when playing Fortnite to build and look for players.

Also, anyone that uses a low sensitivity in Fortnite or when playing shooters will see the most benefit from a mouse bungee. Because when you use a low sensitivity you have to move your mouse a greater distance.

So your mouse bungee will have a greater effect in reducing the overall cable drag.

Obviously, you don’t need a mouse bungee if you use a wireless mouse. And wireless gaming mice are becoming an increasingly popular option as we are seeing improvements in wireless technology.

How about the cheap options?

Of course, you can get a cheap generic mouse bungee.

These will be of lower quality in comparison to the premium models. For example, the base will not be as heavy so it may move when gaming and the bungee arm may not be as flexible.

But a simple generic mouse bungee may be sufficient for most cases.

You could get the benefits of the mouse bungee for free with your own solution.

You see, many gamers will simply use a piece of tape to anchor their mouse cable, leaving only the necessary amount free for movement.

Some players will even tape the mouse cable to their monitor, so it hangs in the air. And this has the added benefit of the reduced weight of the cable like a mouse bungee would do.

Obviously, those options aren’t as elegant as a mouse bungee.

But they can work well for someone in a financial pinch.


To answer the original question: Do you need a mouse bungee?

No. You don’t.

You can play any game you like, including Fortnite, without a bungee. And you can do just fine without one, too.

But should you get a mouse bungee?

If you’re someone that has a problem with mouse cable drag and it is negatively impacting your aim, then a bungee will solve this problem for you.

You see, in competitive games the small things matter. So if your mouse accuracy is even a tiny bit out because of some friction then your cursor may not be aligned correctly and you could lose the game.

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