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Why Do Some Fortnite Players Angle Their Keyboards?

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Some Fortnite streamers have a camera for their keyboard.

This is so you can see exactly what their keyboard hand is doing.

And you can also see the position of the keyboard.

If you pay attention, you will notice that many Fortnite pro players and streamers like to angle their keyboards instead of having it horizontal.

Angling your keyboard creates more room between your keyboard and mouse. This is useful as it means you won’t smash your mouse into your keyboard when you need to make a flick shot.

Some players only use a slight angle. Whereas others, like Tfue for example, have their keyboard completely vertical.

Are there other reasons for angling your keyboard?

Is it just a personal preference?

Or can it really give you an advantage?

More desk space

Many streamers are pro (or former pro) players that have competed at LAN tournaments.

At LAN tournaments, desk space is usually limited. Because players need to be seated close to each other for there to be enough room for everyone at the event.

adreN over the shoulder view to see keyboard angle and desk space

Image credit: Curse adRen over the shoulder view

So, to create enough room to freely move their mouse, players learned to angle their keyboards. Otherwise, they could smash the mouse into the keyboard which is obviously not ideal.

Listen, many Fortnite pro players use a low sensitivity. Especially if they used to play another shooter like CSGO before moving to Fortnite.

They use a low sensitivity because it generally allows you to have greater precision when aiming. But it also means you need to move your mouse further to make shots.

So, you need more space between your keyboard and mouse.

This is why smaller tenkeyless keyboards are becoming more popular, too.

However, if you use a standard full-size keyboard, then angling might be a requirement for you to have sufficient space.

Thumb position

When your keyboard is horizontal, you can’t easily hit any keys other than your spacebar with your thumb.

So, your thumb in a horizontal position is only really good for one key: jumping.

But when you angle your keyboard, even slightly, you change the position of where your thumb naturally rests on the keyboard.

Thumb position when keyboard is horizontal vs when keyboard is at a slight angle

In other words, you enable your thumb to be able to hit more keys when you angle your keyboard.

And the more of an angle you use, the more keys your thumb can hit.

Therefore, you could use your thumb to hit keys such as V, B, N, M, G, H, and Y. Think about how useful that is.

In Fortnite, you have lots of things you need to assign to your keybinds. You have important things like your weapons and building and editing and so on.

Then you have essential, but not as important things. For example, your pickaxe, inventory, map, and repair.

Now angling your keyboard could allow you to use your thumb for some of these keybinds. And free up other keys for the more important things as a result.


When using your keyboard you want your shoulders to be roughly in alignment with a 90-degree angle between your elbow and forearm.

Also, you want your wrist in a natural position. In other words, it should be “square” with no unusual bends.

But when you angle your keyboard, it could force your elbows out and away from your body. Moreover, you have to alter the position of your wrist to access the keys.

Pro player at a LAN tournament with keyboard positioned at an angle

This puts you into a poor ergonomic position. And that is not something to take lightly because it could lead to:

  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Wrist Tendonitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain

You see, good ergonomics are important. Particularly if you are someone that spends many hours a day at your desk playing video games such as Fortnite.

However, when you angle your keyboard, it can bring your keyboard more inward and close to your body. Allowing your hands to be better aligned with your shoulders.

And you don’t necessarily need to flare your elbows while still have enough room for your mouse.

But your wrists may still need to be in an awkward position.

Want to learn more about keyboard ergonomics? Check out this post from Dr. Levi Harrison about proper keyboard placement in gaming.

How much should you angle your keyboard?

Before you go ahead and tilt your keyboard 90 degrees, like Tfue, you need to consider the risks. Such as a poor ergonomic position and risk of injury.

But you may only need to angle your keyboard a small amount to get the benefits of more room for your mouse and a better thumb position.

So start by angling your keyboard slightly, say 20 or 30 degrees, and see how that feels. Then adjust as needed until you find your desired position.

You should pay close attention to the position of your wrists and elbows, too. And make sure you aren’t putting yourself into an ergonomically poor position.

It could be beneficial for you to do some hand and wrist exercises. As well as to take regular breaks from gaming.

I recommend you check out the video below from Dr. Levi Harrison for some ideas and inspiration.


Angling your keyboard helps to create more space between your mouse and keyboard.

So that you are free to move your mouse without the worry of hitting your keyboard.

Moreover, angling your keyboard gives your thumb better access to more keys. This is very useful in Fortnite because of the number of keybinds you require.

But angling your keyboard could be dangerous because of the position you need to be in.

So start with a slight angle and then gradually increase it as you find necessary.

And remember to take regular breaks and take time to exercise your wrists and hands.

How much do you angle your keyboard?

Comment down below!


  1. The real reason was LANPARTIES desk space was 50-60cm back in the old days! ONLY CS PLAYERS DO THIS! (for maximum mouse movement area) IT HAS VERY LITTLE TO DO WITH ERGONOMIC! It is just habit for “pro” players to do this and new kids copy pro players without knowing that heck this is.

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