How to Play Split Screen in Fortnite Battle Royale (PS4 and Xbox)

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Finally! You can play split screen on the same console.

But this feature is only available to PS4 and Xbox users as of right now.

And you can only play the Battle Royale game mode.

In other words, you won’t be able to play Fortnite Creative. But I expect Epic Games to add this feature soon.

Anyway, here’s how to enable split screen mode in Fortnite.

First, you need to turn on a second controller and sign-in to a second account. Then you’ll see at the bottom P2 login, and this will switch you to your other account.

Selecting player 2 log in the battle royale menu

When you play split screen mode you can only play duo and squads.

Of course, you can’t play solo because you’re 2 players.

An image of the game mode selection screen showing only duos and squads is available in split screen mode

You can switch between each player’s screen and a border will show up to indicate which player is in control.

If you’re playing on a new account, then you’ll get the opportunity to collect rewards from the Battle Pass.

The border around the player 2 screen showing you which player is in control

But when you play split-screen mode, you will notice a decrease in performance.

You see, your system has to literally power two games, so your FPS will drop by roughly 50%. In other words, each player will be playing at about 30 FPS.

This is not good because high FPS is important in Fortnite, so it’s going to be difficult to do well when you play split-screen. And you’re going to be at a disadvantage because you’re limited with the amount of screen you can see.

The only system that’s powerful enough to handle Fortnite’s split screen feature and still get high FPS would be a PC with a powerful graphics card. But, as of right now, split screen mode is unavailable to PC users and only available to PS4 and Xbox One owners.

Anyway, I think it’s great that Epic Games have added this feature to Fortnite, even though it’s long overdue.

What do you think of the split screen mode? Have you had any Victory Royales?

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