Mongraal’s Fortnite Keybinds, Settings, Sensitivity & Setup in 2020

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Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson is a pro Fortnite player and streamer for FaZe Clan.

He is 15 years old and from the United Kingdom.

Mongraal is recognized as one of the best Fortnite players in the world.

In this post, I’m going to show you all of the settings and keybinds that Mongraal uses in Fortnite, as well as the gear he uses for gaming and streaming.

Because we will be going in-depth in a lot of sections, here are the links for each section so you can jump to where you want:

As you read this post, you will find a detailed analysis so you can learn from what Mongraal is using.

Then, you will be able to apply those same findings to your own settings.

Does that sound good?

Now, let’s begin with what I believe are the most important settings in Fortnite.

Mongraal’s building keybinds

Mongraal Fortnite building keybinds
  • Wall: Mouse Button 5
  • Floor: DPI button on mouse (bound to “N”)
  • Stairs: Mouse Button 4
  • Roof: Left-shift
  • Trap Slot: C

You see, Mongraal has his 3 most important building pieces (wall, floor, and stairs) bound to his mouse.

Mongraal has kept the keybindings for these 3 building pieces the same since the very start of Fortnite. So he has a ton of practice with them and that may help to explain why he’s such a fast builder.

As you know you use your wall, floor, and stairs in many Fortnite building patterns. Therefore, you need good coordination between the fingers you use to press those keys.

For most people, the best way to build quickly is to place your building pieces on different fingers.

But Mongraal’s keybinds are a little different.

He has his wall and stairs bound to the 2 side buttons of his mouse, which he presses with his thumb.

Having your wall and stairs bound to your thumb mouse buttons is a good idea. It’s the same keybinds I use and many other Fortnite pro players use it, too.

Mongraal also has his floor bound to his mouse, and he’s able to do this because he uses a mouse with 8 programmable buttons. He uses the DPI button on the top of his mouse that he presses using his index finger.

I will go into more detail about his mouse in just a moment.

For now, let’s continue onward to his final building piece, the roof, which he has bound to Left-Shift.

Left-Shift is an excellent keybind to use because you can easily press it using your pinky finger. But you will need to enable sprint by default in your Fortnite settings, which most players (including Mongraal) use.

For trapping enemies, Mongraal uses C. You can press C using either your index finger or your thumb.

C is a good key because it’s close to your W-key which is used to move forward in Fortnite.

To make it C easier to access and press, you may find it useful to angle your keyboard, particularly if you want to use your thumb.

You see, Mongraal doesn’t use his index or ring finger for pressing any building keys. He only uses the buttons on his mouse and his pinky finger for Left-Shift.

In other words, he has a bunch of good keys leftover on his keyboard, and we’ll see how he uses them next.

Mongraal’s weapon keybinds

Mongraal Fortnite Weapon Keybinds

You can see that Mongraal uses very unique keybinds for accessing the weapons in his inventory and his pickaxe.

  • Harvesting Tool: E
  • Weapon Slot 1: 2
  • Weapon Slot 2: Q
  • Weapon Slot 3: R
  • Weapon Slot 4: 4
  • Weapon Slot 5: X

Now, these keybinds may look random and make little sense to you.

But Mongraal is using a lot of good keys here that are close to the WASD movement keys like E, Q, and R. And he’s able to use them because he has most of his building keybinds bound to his mouse.

A lot of Fortnite players just use the numbers 1 through to 6 for their weapons and pickaxe. Having them in ascending order (low to high) makes a lot of intuitive sense.

But it’s not a requirement, as Mongraal shows here.

Clearly, Mongraal would rather use different keys.

And as long as you spend enough time playing with your keybinds, like Mongraal, you can master any order and build the muscle memory and speed required.

Mongraal’s other keybinds

Now that we’ve covered the main keybinds (building and weapons) in detail, let’s finish off with the rest of Mongraal’s keybinds.

And then you can read on to learn about his mouse, sensitivity, and settings.

Here are the rest of Mongraal’s keybinds:

  • Edit: F
  • Use: 3/Mouse wheel up
  • Reload: Middle mouse button
  • Repair/Upgrade: 1
  • Crouch: Left-Ctrl
  • Sprint By Default: On
  • Repair/Upgrade: Middle mouse button
  • Inventory: Left-Alt
  • Map: Tab

Obviously, Mongraal is a super fast editor, and he’s able to do that because he has edit on a good key: F.

F is easy to press with your index finger, as it’s close to your W-key.

His Use key is on 3, which is very unusual. But he also has it bound to mouse wheel up. Using your mouse wheel as a Use key is a smart idea because it can help you win chest wars.

Another unusual keybind is having reload on the middle mouse button. But this is a non-essential action, therefore, it doesn’t need to be on a very good key.

His crouch key is on left-ctrl, and this is normal because it’s the default key.

And for accessing his inventory and map he uses the left-alt and tab keys respectively. These are good choice choices, as you will need to access your inventory to rearrange your items and look at the map frequently to see where the next zone is.

Something else I want to mention is that Mongraal uses his mouse wheel down as a secondary edit keybind and as his reset edit button. In other words, Mongraal uses the scroll wheel reset edit trick in Fortnite.

Mongraal’s Fortnite mouse

Mongraal uses the Logitech G402 mouse and has used it throughout his entire Fortnite career.

The G402 has 8 programmable buttons and, as you know, Mongraal uses 3 of them for his building pieces.

You can easily remap and reassign your mouse keys for Fortnite by using the Logitech Gaming Software. And Mongraal has his DPI shift button on the top of the mouse remapped to N and he uses that for building his floors.

Here are the specifications for the Logitech G402:

  • Length: 136 mm
  • Width: 72 mm
  • Height: 41 mm
  • Weight: 108 grams

As this is a rather large mouse, you’ll need large hands for it to be right for you.

A good general rule of thumb for choosing a mouse size is measuring your hand from the base of your wrist to the tip of your middle finger. Then take this number and multiplying it by 0.66. The resulting figure will roughly correspond to your ideal mouse length.

Now, the weight of the G402.

Look, competitive Fortnite players typically use a mouse that’s well under 100 grams. But the G402 weighs 102 grams. In other words, it’s a fairly heavy mouse.

Some players, however, prefer using a heavier mouse because it can help increase the control of your aim.

More important than weight for gaming, though, is the sensor of a mouse. You know Logitech is renown for creating mice with excellent sensors.

The G402 is no exception because it uses the Fusion Engine hybrid sensor. A combination of an optical sensor featuring Logitech Delta Zero technology.

So the G402 is able to track properly at high-speeds for competitive gaming.

This is a fine mouse for gaming and the additional buttons make it a great choice for Fortnite players.

You can get it for a fairly cheap price and you can click here to see the latest price of the Logitech G402 on Amazon.

Mongraal’s Fortnite sensitivity

Mongraal Fortnite mouse sensitivity

Mongraal changes his sensitivity fairly frequently.

Here is the most up to date mouse sensitivity that he is using:

  • X-Axis Sensitivity: 5.4%
  • Y-Axis Sensitivity: 5.4%
  • Targeting Sensitivity: 24.4%
  • Scope Sensitivity: 24.4%

Mongraal uses a mouse DPI of 800. He recently changed to this after using 400 for a very long time.

So Mongraal has a Fortnite eDPI of 43.2, which is a low sensitivity.

Also, Mongraal now has his X and Y sensitivities equal to each other and this is something I recommend all Fortnite players do. Previously, his Y sensitivity was less than his X sensitivity.

But since there is so much verticality in Fortnite, it makes sense to have your Y (vertical) sensitivity as high as your X (horizontal) sensitivity.

Targeting sensitivity and scope sensitivity are modifiers for reducing mouse sensitivity when targeting (aiming down sites) or when using scoped weapons).

Mongraal now has both his targeting and scope sensitivity set to the same value of 24.4%.

24.4% is a low targeting and scope sensitivity. And as Mongraal already uses a low base sensitivity it means his mouse movements when aiming down sites or using scoped weapons are going to be very slow, so he can be as precise as possible.

Mongraal’s Fortnite setup

As you know, Mongraal is a professional Fortnite player.

So, it makes sense for him to have an amazing PC.

Here are Mongraal’s Gaming PC specs, according to his Twitch profile:

This is, obviously, a custom built PC.

It’s one of the best PCs you can build today because it uses a top graphics card from NVIDIA and a very fast processor from Intel.

Yes, it’s expensive. But peak performance comes at a premium price.

You can, of course, build a PC that’s more than capable of playing (and streaming) Fortnite for a lot cheaper than the PC Mongraal uses.

A good example is Mongraal’s second PC:

Mongraal dedicates his second PC to streaming. So his first PC can handle the gaming requirements.

Therefore, he can stream to the highest quality to his viewers while playing Fortnite with the highest possible FPS.

But, for most people and potential Fortnite streamers, a one PC set up is fine.

Here are the rest of Mongraal’s peripherals:

Mongraal’s video settings

Now we are going to get into the video settings Mongraal uses in Fortnite.

Mongraal is a competitive player, so he uses settings that allow him to get the highest FPS possible while minimizing distractions.

Here are Mongraal’s display settings:

Mongraal Fortnite display settings
  • Window Mode: Fullscreen
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 16:9
  • Frame Rate Limit: 240 FPS

You should always have your window mode set to fullscreen because any of the other options can cause mouse alignment problems.

Most players will be using a 1920 x 1080 resolution unless of course, you use a stretched resolution in Fortnite.

And Mongraal has his frame limit capped to 240 FPS, to match the display rate of his 240 Hz monitor.

Here are Mongraal’s graphics settings:

Mongraal Fortnite graphics settings
  • Brightness: 98%
  • User Interface Contrast: 1.08x
  • Color Blind Mode: Deuteranope
  • Color Blind Strength: 8

Mongraal’s brightness is slightly lower than the default setting. But he could potentially have adjusted his monitors settings.

His user interface contrast is slightly higher than the default of 1.00x.

Also, Mongraal uses the Deuteranope color blind mode with a strength of 8.

The Deuteranope color blind mode could help you see enemies more easily through the storm.

Here are Mongraal’s graphics quality settings:

Mongraal Fortnite graphics quality settings
  • 3D Resolution: 100%
  • View Distance: Epic
  • Shadows: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Textures: Low
  • Effects: Low
  • Post Processing: Low

As you know, Mongraal is a competitive player, so it should not be surprising that he has most of his graphics quality settings to the lowest possible to get high FPS and minimize distractions.

The only setting that isn’t set to low or off is his view distance, which is set to Epic, and this will increase the distance you can see other players and objects.

Here are Mongraal’s advanced graphics settings:

Mongraal Fortnite advanced graphics settings
  • VSync: Off
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Show FPS: On
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 11
  • Allow Multithreaded Rendering: On

VSync helps to synchronize your graphics card FPS to the display rate of your monitor to reduce tearing. But it can lower your FPS and increase input lag.

So Mongraal has VSync turned off and will just put up with any tearing that occurs.

Motion blur is turned off, of course, because why would anyone ever want it enabled?

Mongraal shows his FPS throughout the game, as most players do, so he can see if there are any performance drops while playing Fortnite.

As for his DirectX version, Mongraal is currently using the older DirectX 11.

Finally, he has Allow Multithreaded Rendering on. Because this can help improve performance on multi-core processors, such as the one Mongraal has.


That just about covers everything about Mongraal’s Fortnite settings and keybinds.

Want to know a bit more?

Ok. According to Mongraal’s Twitch profile, he started to play H1Z1 in PS2. He played it competitively for nearly 2 years but quit because it wasn’t like it used to be.

In other words, Mongraal has played video games for years and because he’s put in the time, he’s one of the best players in the world.

However, Fortnite could end up changing too much and dying like H1Z1.

Did I miss anything you wanted to know about Mongraal?

Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to help you out.

For more Fortnite pro player analysis, check out the archives here.

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