Mongraal’s Settings, Setup & Keybinds in Fortnite Season X

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Who is Mongraal?

Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson is a 14-year-old pro Fortnite player. He is from the United Kingdom and plays for FaZe Clan.

Here are Mongraal’s keybinds for building:

  • Wall: Mouse Button 5
  • Floor: DPI button on mouse (bound to “N”)
  • Stairs: Mouse Button 4
  • Roof/Pyramid: T

So Mongraal has his 3 most important building pieces (wall, floor, and stairs) bound to his mouse.

And I’ll go into more detail about his mouse in a second. But for now, let’s focus on his keybinds.

As you know you use your wall, floor, and stairs in many Fortnite building patterns. Therefore you need good coordination between the fingers you use to press those keys.

The best way to do this, for most people, is to have your building pieces on different fingers.

Because that’s how you’ll be able to build the fastest.

Now Mongraal’s keybinds, on the other hand, are a little different. You see he has his wall and stairs bound to the 2 side buttons of his mouse. Which, of course, he presses with his thumb.

In general, having your wall and stairs on your thumb mouse buttons is a good idea. That’s the keybinds Ninja and many other pro players use. It’s even the keybinds I use, too.

But most Fortnite players use a mouse with at most 2 buttons.

Mongraal’s mouse has 8 programmable buttons. So he can bind his floor to the DPI button on the top of his mouse. This he presses using his index (first finger).

Mongraal has his fourth and final piece (the roof or pyramid) bound to the letter T on his keyboard. Which he obviously presses using his index finger.

These building keybinds are very unique and special and could be why Mongraal is one of the best builders and can build very fast 90s.

Mongraal’s inventory keybinds

Mongraal Fortnite Weapon Keybinds

Your Fortnite inventory is where you have your equipment.

Your equipment is your harvesting tool (or pickaxe) and your weapons and so on.

Here are Mongraal’s equipment keybinds:

  • Harvesting Tool: F
  • Weapon Slot 1: 2
  • Weapon Slot 2 : 3
  • Weapon Slot 3: 4
  • Weapon Slot 4: Q
  • Weapon Slot 5: X

Now, these keybinds are a little different to most players too.

Listen, Mongraal can use a lot of good keys like Q, F, and X for his weapon keybinds because he uses his mouse for most of the building in Fortnite.

As you know Q, F, and X are some of the best keys because they are close to your W-key. You want to be holding the W-key at all times since that’s what you use to move forward.

Then for the rest of his weapons, he uses the number keys on his keyboard. This is normal and it’s the keybinds that many pro players use.

But what I find most interesting is that Mongraal doesn’t use the number 1 for any of his keybinds.

It’s normal to use the number 1 because it can be pressed easily with your ring finger.

Of course, only if your finger can actually reach it. And I expect Mongraal’s has the finger length for two reasons:

  • He uses a mouse that’s 136mm long
  • He can comfortably press the T-key

But it doesn’t matter because Mongraal is one of the best builders anyway, even if his keybinds aren’t necessarily optimal.

And that’s because he’s spent enough time playing with his keybinds that now he’s mastered them and built the muscle memory and speed needed.

How Mongraal accesses his inventory and map

As you know, your inventory is where your weapons are.

You want to have your inventory on a good key so you can access it quickly to rearrange your weapons in the order you like.

But Mongraal uses unusual keybinds again.

Mongraal accesses his inventory using the I-key. Maybe it’s not that unusual since it is the default key. However, most Fortnite pros use a different key such as TAB and that’s a lot easier to press.

Do you want to know the best key for managing your inventory? I talk all about that in this post.

Mongraal’s map is bound to M which is the default key, too. The map isn’t as critical a key as your inventory so it doesn’t matter as much.

The rest of Mongraal’s keybinds

Now that we’ve covered the main keybinds (building and weapons) in detail let’s finish off with the rest of Mongraal’s keybinds.

And then you can read about his mouse, sensitivity, and settings. Ok?

Here are the rest of Mongraal’s keybinds:

  • Use: E
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Reload/Rotate: R
  • Sprint: Default
  • Crouch: Left Ctrl
  • Repair: C
  • Trap Slot: 5
  • Building Edit: G

It’s mostly standard and default keys that you would expect.

Although there are some things that I am going to go into more detail about.

For example, his repair key is bound to C. Now most players neglect the repair key.

But Mongraal is a pro player and recognizes its importance. So he has it bound to a good key: C.

As you know, he uses T for his roof or pyramid. Therefore he can’t use T for Trap like most people.

Instead, he uses 5, which is also a very good key, so he can get frequent trap kills or quickly place a launch pad to escape a bad fight.

Finally, Mongraal uses G to edit. Again, this is the default key.

But G is far from the W-key and it’s difficult for most people to press. Again, Mongraal probably has large hands and that’s the reason he can press it and edit so fast.

What mouse does Mongraal use?

Logitech G402

Mongraal uses the Logitech G402.

The G402 has 8 programmable buttons and Mongraal uses 3 of them for his building pieces.

It’s easy to remap your mouse keys for Fortnite by using the Logitech Gaming Software.

Here are the specifications for the Logitech G402:

  • Length: 136 mm
  • Width: 72 mm
  • Height: 41 mm
  • Weight: 108 grams

There are a few things to talk about. First, it’s quite a large mouse. So you need to have quite large hands for it to be right for you.

For help finding a mouse for your hand size, try RocketJumpNinja’s find a mouse guide.

Now, its weight.

Competitive Fortnite players, in general, use a mouse that’s under 100 grams. The G402 is only 8% heavier than that benchmark. But it’s a lot lighter than the Logitech G502 which is one of the most popular gaming mice for Fortnite.

Some people prefer a heavier mouse because a heavier mouse can give you better control of your aim. Do you like a heavier mouse?

Listen. One of the most important parts of any mouse for gaming is the sensor. And as you know Logitech is renown for creating mice with excellent sensors.

The G402 uses the Fusion Engine hybrid sensor. A combination of an optical sensor featuring Logitech Delta Zero technology.

That means the G402 is able to track properly at high-speeds for competitive gaming.

The G402 is a very affordable mouse and you can click here to see the latest price on Amazon.

Mongraal’s Fortnite Sensitivity

Mongraal Fortnite Sensitivity

Even for a pro Fortnite player, Mongraal’s sensitivity is low.

  • Mouse DPI: 400
  • Mouse Sensitivity X: 0.108
  • Mouse Sensitivity Y: 0.098
  • Mouse Targeting Sensitivity: 0.171
  • Mouse Scope Sensitivity: 0.271

You see, Mongraal’s eDPI (effective DPI) is 43.2. eDPI is calculated by multiplying your Mouse DPI by your Mouse Sensitivity X in Fortnite.

Mouse Targeting Sensitivity is how high your sensitivity is when you zoom in. A value of 1 means it is the same as when you are not zoomed in. And a value of 0.5 means it is half the sensitivity. And so on.

Mongraal’s targeting sensitivity is unusually low because the average Mouse Targeting Sensitivity for Fortnite pros is 0.714.

Mongraal’s is 0.171 which is 75% slower. And that means he is going to have a lot of control over his aim in Fortnite so he can hit more shots.

Moreover, Mongraal’s Mouse Scope Sensitivity is low (as you would expect). The average Mouse Scope Sensitivity is 0.707 which is roughly the same as the average Mouse Targeting Sensitivity.

Do you want to know more about sensitivity in Fortnite? Click here now to learn from more than 250 Fortnite pro players and streamers.

Mongraal’s Set Up

Gaming PC Set up

As you know, Mongraal is a professional Fortnite player.

So, it makes sense for him to have an amazing PC.

Here are Mongraal’s Gaming PC specs, according to his Twitch profile:

This is, obviously, a custom built PC.

It’s one of the best PCs you can build today because it uses the latest NVIDIA Graphics Card (GPU) and Intel Gaming Processor (CPU).

Yes, it’s expensive. But peak performance comes at a premium price.

You can, of course, build a PC that’s more than capable of playing (and streaming) Fortnite for a lot cheaper than the PC Mongraal uses.

A good example is Mongraal’s second PC:

Mongraal dedicates his second PC to streaming. So his first PC can handle the gaming requirements.

So he can stream to the highest quality to his viewers. And play Fortnite with the highest possible FPS.

However, for most people and potential Fortnite streamers, a one PC set up is fine.

Here are the rest of Mongraal’s peripherals:

Mongraal’s Fortnite Video Settings

Mongraal Fortnite Video Settings

Because Mongraal wants the highest FPS possible in Fortnite, he uses competitive settings.

Competitive settings are where you turn all (or most) of your video settings to low.

You also want shadows off because that will have the biggest effect on your FPS and it can eliminate unwanted distractions.

Here are Mongraal’s Fortnite video settings:

  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • View Distance: Medium
  • Shadows: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Textures: Off
  • Effects: Low
  • Post Processing: Low
  • VSync: Off
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Show FPS: On

Now, most players have the View Distance set to Epic to see enemies from further away. But Mongraal cares more about getting high FPS than seeing enemies.

Because he uses a high refresh monitor that can make use of the extra FPS. Then everything else is turned to low or off, as you’d expect. He has his Show FPS enabled so he can see if and when his FPS drops.

Of course, Mongraal used to use a stretched resolution of 1440×1080 for even higher FPS. But he was forced to change when Epic Games banned stretched resolution from competitive tournaments because it gave players an unfair advantage.

Motion Blur is turned off because why would you want it?

Thankfully console players have finally had the choice to change that setting.

Mongraal’s Other Fortnite Settings

Mongraal Fortnite Colour Blind Mode

Here are the rest of Mongraal’s settings (there are some interesting things here, and I’ll explain them in a second).

  • Color Blind Mode: Deuteranope
  • Color Blind Strength: 9
  • HUD Scale: 0.62
  • Brightness: 0.80

The first thing to note is that Mongraal uses the Deuteranope color blind mode. Because this setting let’s you see enemies through the storm easier than the normal color settings.

Moreover, he has this setting set to 9, and that’s quite high. Deuteranope takes some games for it to feel natural, but you may like it more than the normal settings. So why not give it a go?

The HUD Scale is smaller than the default setting which is 1. I’m not sure why Mongraal does this but it could be to reduce distractions on his screen.

And his brightness is 0.80 which is higher than the default (0.50). Fortnite’s default brightness setting is usually too low for most people and turning it up could help you spot more enemies. Especially if they are using a dark skin.



That just about covers everything about Mongraal’s Fortnite settings and keybinds.

Want to know a bit more?

Ok. According to Mongraal’s Twitch profile, he started to play H1Z1 in PS2. He played it competitively for nearly 2 years but quit because it wasn’t like it used to be.

In other words, Mongraal has played video games for years and because he’s put in the time, he’s one of the best players in the world.

However, Fortnite could end up changing too much and dying like H1Z1.

Did I miss anything you wanted to know about Mongraal?

Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to help you out.

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