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Medal Punchcard in Fortnite Chapter 2 Explained

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Medals are new in Fortnite Chapter 2.

And are a way for you to earn more XP.

So you can level up your Battle Pass faster.

As of patch v11.01, Fortnite has quadrupled the amount of XP you earn from medals. Now each medal you unlock is worth 8,000 XP, except for the 5th and 10th medals which are worth 16,000 XP.

The medal punchcard resets every 24 hours and you can collect up to 10 medals in your punchcard. So you could earn up to 96,000 XP a day from medals.

An empty medal punchcard

This is a lot of XP. So you should take some time each day to try and fill your punchcard.

But what are the different medals?

Everything about the medal punchcard is explained in this video, or you can continue reading if you prefer.

How to earn medals in Fortnite

Epic Games has provided no information about medals, so we’re left to figure this new system out.

As of writing, there are 5 medals you can unlock. And each medal (except for the first match medal) can be upgraded from bronze to silver to gold.

Survivor medal upgraded when 25 players are remaining in a solo match

The upgrades reward you with more XP (roughly 200-1,000 XP) and do not fill up an extra spot in your punchcard. Also, you can upgrade medals from previous matches.

Here is a list of the medals and the requirements for each upgrade:

  • First Match Medal – awarded when you complete your first match of the day (cannot be upgraded)
  • Survivor Medal – bronze medal when 50 players remain, silver medal when 25 players remain and gold medal when 10 players remain
  • Battle Medal – bronze medal for 1 elimination, silver medal for 4 eliminations and gold medal for 8 eliminations
  • Scavenger Medal – bronze medal for opening 3 chests/llamas/supply drops, silver medal for opening 7 chests/llamas/supply drops and gold medal for opening 10 chests/llamas/supply drops
  • Teamwork Medal – bronze medal for 1 assist, silver medal for 4 assists and gold medal for 8 assists
  • Score Medal – bronze medal unlocked when your team reaches a score of 50 in Team Rumble, silver at a score of 75 and gold at a score of 90. Some players are reporting inconsistency with this medal.
  • Storm King Medal – A new medal for the Storm King LTM. Bronze medal unlocks when you break the Storm King’s first horn, silver for the second horn and gold for defeating the Storm King.

Something to note for the Scavenger Medal: It is only unlocked when you actually open chests. In other words, if you destroy the structure under the chest, it doesn’t count.

Your medal punchcard can be filled with any combination of medals. And you can unlock the same medal multiple times (but you will need to earn them in separate games).

In other words, you can fill your medal punchcard up with multiple Battle Medals, Scavenger Medals and so on.

It is possible to complete your medal punchcard in 3 matches.

I have seen some guides suggest you can earn medals from getting sniper kills, headshots, or fishing in Fortnite. But this is not true.

Yes, you can earn XP from doing these things, but the only way to earn medals is in the 5 ways you’ve just read.

When does the medal punchcard reset?

As you know, the medal punchcard resets every 24 hours. So you can think of them as a replacement to the daily challenges in the old seasons of Fortnite.

The exact time of the reset depends on where you are in the world.

Here are the times the medal punchcard resets for the main timezones:

  • 6 a.m. PT (Pacific Time)
  • 9 a.m. ET (Eastern Time)
  • 2 p.m. BST (British Summer Time)

Don’t see your time zone listed? Don’t worry, you can use a simple online time zone converter to find the correct time for you.

If you stop playing when your punchcard is full, you will get a message saying your punchcard is complete and to come back tomorrow for more bonus XP.

A completed medal punchcard in Fortnite and the message to come back tomorrow for more bonus XP

I recommend you try to get as much out of the medals as you can. Because they are fairly easy to unlock and reward you with quite a lot of XP.

Which means you’re going to have to play Fortnite every day. But if you can schedule the time you play for just before the reset, then you will be able to get the maximum benefit from the medals.

How to remove medal punchcard from your screen

Apparently, this was fixed in v11.01, but since there has been no official update from Fortnite. So I will leave this here in case you require it.

When you unlock a medal during the game you will see a notification on your screen. This can be disruptive and you could find it annoying and unwelcome.

And some players are even finding the medal punchcard is getting stuck on the screen and taking up the entire left side of the screen when playing.

Obviously this isn’t ideal. You don’t want the interface to take up a significant portion of your screen.

And you probably don’t want the notifications to distract you when you’re in an intense fight and get you killed.

Fortunately, you are able to disable the notifications by disabling quest progress in your Fortnite settings. But this setting isn’t easy to find.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Fortnite menu by pressing the Escape key
  2. Click settings from the drop-down menu
  3. Select game settings by clicking the cog icon
  4. Click HUD settings at the top
  5. Turn quest progress off

Note: The HUD settings option is only available when you’re in-game and you will not be able to access it from the Fortnite lobby.

Turning off quest progress within the HUD settings in Fortnite

This is the same section where you can enable Net Debus Stats, so you can see the status of your connection as well as your ping when playing Fortnite.


In Chapter 2, Fortnite has said they want to make the Battle Pass more fun and less of a grind.

And it looks like medals are one of the ways Fortnite is facilitating that promise. Especially because they buffed the amount of XP you could earn in patch v11.01.

You see, medals are how you can get rewarded by playing the game and doing things you usually would in Fortnite anyway.

And the popups in-game are a good indication that you’re progressing and give you a feeling of accomplishment.

This psychological feedback is certainly intentional because Epic Games obviously want players to play Fortnite as much as possible. And spend as much money in the Fortnite item shop.

But you can earn free V-Bucks as you earn XP from your medals and unlock new tiers in your Battle Pass. So make sure you take the time each day to earn your medals.

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful. As the medal punchcard system is new, I’m still learning things about it. So feel free to leave a comment down below if I’ve missed anything or reach out to me on Twitter.


  1. Regarding your Survival Medal numbers. We tested out the number of players remaining in Solo, Duos and Squads on Sunday (before the V11. 01 Patch) and its the same number of players remaining, not based on number of duos or squads remaining. So it’s 50 players remaining, 25 players remaining and 10 players remaining

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      Hi Christine,

      You’re right! Thank you 🙂 I’ve just updated the post with the correct information.

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